Your Product Creation In Your BusinessTo master internet marketing, as in mastering anything, means having that fingertip feel about it. Another way of expressing it is that you can make decisions because of your gut feeling about a situation. This is not the way of 1-2-3 steps and away you go raking in a fortune in your niche. You’ll notice the category of this part of the site is “Product Creation”. In order to start your business you have to have something to sell, and it’s more profitable to sell your own products.

Learning takes time, no matter how fast you are in learning it. However, I’m going to go through steps to learn it as a path that you might find useful. You can also apply this to your niche if you’re not knowledgeable or an expert in it as yet, and enabling you to decide what product you want to create.

Step 1 Get an on overview of the market in your niche

The places to look are:
search results related to your topic for those below

relevant forums


authority blogs

authority websites

authority companies: your competition




Q&A sites, such as Yahoo Answers



Amazon best selling books

Also, anywhere else in social media or other places you think might have key information. Make a note, keep lists, of important sites and names.

Step 2 What to look for

Keep information on three areas:

a) Who are the key players and so are most likely to have the best information you want. Visit their sites, join their lists, download their free stuff and start collecting information on the different topics, keeping it all organized. Buy some products if you can.

b) What are the issues or problems that keep coming up. What are people complaining about, or say they want, and that companies are or are not providing. In what format are they providing it and how successful do you think it is? You should find topics you can create free content about and create products about.

c) What products are people selling? For example, on a site like ClickBank, find the best sellers and see what elements they are made up of in terms of content and method of presentation.

In addition, when you do the search, see what other search terms come up in the related searches section. They alone may give you further ideas, plus click through to them and find out what they’re offering. If you think you’ve found genuine authority sites or businesses, look for reviews of them to get more detail.

Step 3 Analyze any patterns

Yes, you will have a lot of information. But if you’ve kept it organized and been on the watch during all your searches and note taking, you probably can observe certain patterns developing, both of what seems to work and where there are gaps you could take advantage of. For instance, in terms of traffic generation, there’ll be those selling and recommending paid methods, and others recommending free methods. Of the free ones, at present, there’ll be a lot on content marketing, and within that there’ll be ideas on using your content across the web in order to dominate the top places in Google. To go from nothing to seeing such patterns is a big step, and an even bigger one to understand their significance.

Step 4 Choose 2 or 3 specific marketers or companies at the most

Because you have a wide, and some in-depth, view of the market, you can more easily choose which are going to be the ones to follow and use more closely. If you’re on their lists and can buy some products, you will see what methods they use in their copywriting, email sequences, sales funnels and so on. After a while you might come down to just 2 or even 1 marketer to follow and learn from more closely. Really try to get into their style of working and communicating as a model for yourself. Again, this can’t be done overnight but you could set yourself a time limit of how long you will study them and how you can adapt their methods to your own business that you’ll feel comfortable with.

Step 5 Map out your own online business

Whether you’ve been researching only internet marketing or your niche as well, having a sense now of what you can do yourself more clearly, create a strategy for your business, including your values and mission. Get a clear image of your target market too, describing your average or typical customer. Also, decide what your main strengths are in internet marketing and your niche. Ask yourself how you can focus your strengths, through your content and products, on your market.

Map out the organization of your business as to traffic methods, products, email campaigns and sales funnels. You might have to start very small and build.

Step 6 Taking action

Taking action is often emphasized as the key part of people having an online business. But without the previous steps, or something like them, people don’t know what to take action on or they jump to the latest popular business opportunity.

What taking action means:

a) Having created your strategy, you should have decided what are the first things you need to do to get started to make the strategy work to your success. These are daily and weekly activities, some one-off, and others that need repeating.

b) Having set up part of your structure, such as getting subscribers and sending them emails, then you also need to test which bits, including coywriting, are working best. Focus on what brings you the best results and drop anything that just gives you extra work with very little return.

c) As you take action, try things out, and change parts of your business for better effect You’re learning what works for you in your niche and are less dependent on general ideas and methods sold by others. You can continue to learn from what other marketers are doing but now you know more and more about what will fit your business, and what to avoid. You become your own authority.