Your OnlineTraining - Which Is Best For YouTraining takes many forms and levels of depth. How you choose it and then use the training makes the difference as to whether it’s any use to you or not, and whether it enables you to succeed at what you want to do. If you’ve not started your online business you need training. But if you’re already seeing a regular income, you probably don’t need to to go completely back to basics, although there’s always something new to learn. In other words you have to be realistic with yourself as to your knowledge and experience in terms of training required.

You could choose the right kind of training for yourself, yet it still doesn’t do you much good.

Especially just starting, you need to take action and to do your own thinking. Each business is different so you have to ask yourself how you can configure your learning with your specific business situation. Often there’s the belief that there’s one complete step by step system for anyone to follow and that leads to almost automatic success. Some marketers will even claim this in their sales pages for particular products they’re selling.

But the knowledge should be used by different people in their individual ways. You’ll have noticed there are not a lot of cloned businesses in your niche. If there’s not enough differentiation then there’s no reason for customers to choose you over anyone else.

Everyone is searching for a coach 1-on-1 who will take them through everything they need to do. Either that or for someone to do it all for them – not a good choice as you have no control. They can’t find or afford such a coach so they look for training as the next best thing. They may have tried to do the learning and taken some actions themselves and simply got frustrated. Here are some choices to consider.

Which training format do you prefer?

Some people prefer watching or listening or reading or some combination. Of course, any of them can get out of date,  and yet they can be so attractive. You hope you can simply watch and copy. Video is excellent for demonstrating actions. But think, for example, of the basic element of setting up your blog. You can start with a couple of clicks in your hosting account, as long as you have a domain name set up too.

Unfortunately, these type of videos can get out of date quite quickly because of WordPress updates. You find yourself following along quite easily, then suddenly when you get to one part it looks nothing like that in the video. You’re stuck. If it’s on-going training you can contact the owner of the series, and they should explain what to do or provide a new video. But this is the kind of wasting of time that can easily happen. If you’ve bought the videos as a one-off separate series, then, of course, you really can be stuck with them.

This can also be a problem with audios which are not evergreen material, and things have moved on. Especially with technical or in-depth matters you can be left with something that no longer works or is even misleading so that you can be working against yourself, such as in relation to search marketing with Google search. People tend not to update video or audio because the makers have moved on too.

And the same can apply to PDF or email text internet marketing online training. However, it is more likely these will be changed as it’s so much easier rather than having to re-do a whole video or audio. As ever, it comes down to the individual marketer and how much you can trust them. Some kind of email communication also feels more personal and misses out the fluff around the topic, whether in the actual email or if you’re sent to a web page for the training.

Using training

Many people will buy training and never use it. This is especially the case where they buy a home study course. They might start it but never finish it. This is better with on-going training or with live coaching. But still, taking action and attendance can be erratic with many never getting beyond the basics of what the training covers, and this is even if they’re paying week to week or month to month.

Take the example of a membership site, which could have training in it. The average drop out rate is at about the fourth month. So, there is no follow through. This gives you an advantage if you’re prepared to take on board what’s presented, think about it, and take action to integrate it into your specific business.

For example, there could be a series of live webinars. These generate excitement to get on with that week’s suggestions. Let’s say it’s about using social media to generate traffic. Instead of hurrying off to immediately use all the ideas given to you, if you look at your business and how you want it to operate, you might decide that some ideas do not fit with what you intend your business to look like. For instance, you might take on ideas for Twitter but not Facebook, or take on those to do with updating sites but not free content sites such as WordPress or YouTube.

Everything has to come back to what you want for your business – the ideas you’ve had in terms of your niche, your plans, your intentions. So, you might decide to use all the training ideas but at your pace and when it fits your plans for development. Too many rush to take suggested actions expecting immediate results which only leads to disappointment.