Your Internet Marketing Information And You

You’ll see how email marketing is the basis of your online business in generating money but that information overload can get in the way of it.

Information is everywhere on the web. There’s no problem finding something about online marketing. The problem is dealing with it all. You can go to blogs, websites, forums, ezines, the various social media, and products such as in membership sites. It’s packaged in all types of formats and sold as all types of products from ebooks to face to face coaching. The problem becomes dealing with it all because of the mind set people have in their perception and expectations of it, which is the underlying problem. They become weighed down with information overload.

The solution to this problem of overload is focus. The problem is not with the information itself – unless it’s misleading in some way. People simply find it difficult to keep focused on one thing and see it through. But it goes deeper. They’ve collected information at random because they’ve been told it’s to do with internet marketing. Unfortunately, that means it could be about a variety of things. There are many sub-niches in online marketing, such as search marketing, use of email, paid traffic, specific or general social media, copywriting and product creation, to name a few.

Take a step back so you can start right in how you find and use information.

1 Don’t just keep gathering information about online marketing. Or, rather, make a list of all the main areas or niches first – simply copy from several different websites, but don’t download anything. Then, decide which niche, such as email marketing, you’ll focus on first to get information about. Do searches specifically for that. You’ll then find out that there are sub-niches within it, so decide how deep you want to go. You can still keep a list of the email marketing sub-niches you come across. This should take you as long as it takes you, as long as you don’t become distracted and go off at a tangent. You could also see what the links are with other niches in online marketing. For example, email marketing and sales funnels – see if you can draw out the connections between the different aspects or niches.

2 Now you have a choice – again, most people would prefer not to have choices or make choices, so it puts you at an advantage even this early on. You can continue to do the same with all niches you found and listed until you have a library of basic information or choose one of them to go deeper into as a possible one you’d like to focus on as key to your future or present business.

3 If you choose to do the former, you just go through the same procedures of finding the information for each niche. But you might choose just one to look at in more detail, like email marketing, because you think you’ll use it in your business. So, taking this as an example, list or map out the different aspects of it. You might have: email writing, autoresponder use, email campaigns, selling through emails, building relationships with them. Whatever you have, again focus on one at a time but still noting any links with other parts of email marketing and with other parts of internet marketing. Being diverted will remain a constant temptation but only make notes on things you can come back to later, if they prove important as you gain more knowledge. Too many people go off down a rabbit trail and never come back, then wonder what happened and why they are so confused. The reason is lack of focus and organization.

4 Keep everything simple: the stuff you build up on your hard drive as you’re doing this, is useless. It’s dead information inside the text, videos, audios, diagrams or whatever you’ve collected. Keep it live so it will have a positive impact in your business. Make it your own information through your notes, maps, seeing connections, linking things up for yourself in your own mind. Now you’re building knowledge you can use which hangs together, and not just a collection that’s loading you down.

5 Let’s say you decide to use email marketing as a key element in your business to sell your products. You’ll now see the connection with having products to sell (the only way you can make money), a sales funnel as a means of linking products together and helping customers more and more, your squeeze page and free gift, and the need to have targeted leads you convert to subscribers. Of course, you could just be given all this information but you still need to formulate it relative to your specific business and how you work on it. Otherwise, the overload increases as you gather more and more, and/or your business is the same as everybody else’s in your niche.

So, the problem isn’t the information itself, and how much there is, but how you make it your information and then use it in your business. I hope this has helped. Let me know if it has if you’re struggling with information overload.