You Must Have Your Product To Sell

You can buy Private Label Rights products and convert them to your own product but you have to do a thorough job as many others might be selling the exact same product. Also, you have to buy the best PLR you can afford. The same goes for straight Resell Rights products. Usually, you can’t change these much so the effect of competition is even tougher.

You can sell affiliate products. There are positives to this like not having to deal with customers at all. But again you want an excellent product, and if the company stops selling it you’re stuck. Thus you need to be selling many affiliate products. It’s a business model of its own. However, the biggest negative about it is you only get paid a percentage of the selling price, as well as the fact you have no control over the product.

Your own product is far and away the best option. Not least because you get to set your own price, and you can do what you like with it. This is your business, not someone eles’s.

No matter what else you do, you have to have a product that you can sell.

One of the most common questions asked about online business is: What do I do first?

There are two basic options.

One is to build up your traffic and subscribers as a priority. You need to find the traffic source you’re comfortable with that works for you and your business. And along with this, start building your list immediately.

The other option is to create a product first that you know is needed in your niche. Then, when you start getting traffic and subscribers, you have something to sell to them, and help them, straight away.

“But how do you find what’s needed in your niche?” is the usual follow up question. But it’s the wrong question if you’ve started with traffic and list building.

Ask yourself: “Who will I be selling to?” If you’re using email marketing, and my view is that you should, you should ask: “What problem do my subscribers want solving, so I can create a product to solve it, and sell it to them?”

When you do that, you’re having several impacts through your business, making it more successful.

First, you have a unique product. Even if there are other products for the same problem, they are not working for people. Otherwise, your subscribers would not have been searching for a solution, or telling you they want such a product.

Second, you’re not only selling them a product they want, you’re helping them in your niche. This goes beyond the simple business exchange of money for goods. If you’re the one who provided that solution they could not find before, they’ll be interested in getting other solution generating products from you. And be willing to pay you for them.

Third, it increases you credibility in a very practical way. This might be the first product bought from you but the trust they’ve started with from your other information now takes a deeper step forward. They will look forward to your emails and your next product. This also depends on your email sequencing and keeping in communication with them.

Fourth, your product is not a cookie cutter type of product that your subscribers can find lots of online. It’s related to building their individual business in their niche. So, it isn’t a commodity your selling off cheap, and it isn’t anonymous marketing.

All of these qualities can help you stand out from your competition. Have a look at your competition and see how many are covering all these points.