Why You Need Your Own Product Now

You’ve either started an online business or are thinking about it. You know about needing a website and an autoresponder. You’ve probably also opted to sell some affiliate products. That’s OK. However, have a look at the marketers making more than a general income. What is is they have that you haven’t?

It’s obvious isn’t it? They might still be promoting some affiliate products but they also have their own line of products.

Lots of people enjoy a very good income from affiliate marketing. It’s the way most people start up, as it’s simple enough to get going and you’re finding out hands on how internet marketing works. There’s no time spent making your own products or setting up sales pages. You just spend time doing the actual marketing.

However, think about your situation as a business. You are inside somebody else’s system. You depend upon them getting and keeping everything right, such as the sales page and delivery of the product. You always have to make sure as well that you are paid the correct amount by the company and at the time they say they pay out. Of course, there’s always a delay in getting paid, usually about a month, allowing time for refunds.

But the worst way you’re vulnerable is in not owning the product. The affiliate owner could change the price, change your commission, or just stop selling the product.

With your product you’re in the opposite situation. You charge your own prices, and get paid immediately when someone buys. You can ensure you get the buyer’s email address to keep in contact with them. You can test and improve the sales letter to generate more sales. I think the message here is that it’s your business and not someone else’s.

Once you have enough knowledge and experience from selling affiliate products, then create one that belongs to you. Grow your own business, not someone else’s.