Why Do You Think Interent Marketing Is So Difficult

1 Part of this is the result of expectation.

People new to it come across a mass of offers and information suggesting it’s quick and easy. They want to make money online and so at first accept what they’re told, especially if part of an offer is done-for-you materials or a step by step plan. But there are always things missed out or the product is simply misleading in the first place. Also, if you you’re using step-by-step, it’s because you don’t understand what needs doing anyway, and you don’t understand the steps you’re trying to do.

As they spend both money and time, and learning, there’s more to it than meets the eye. They see more of the details that need filling in. Then it starts to look difficult.

2 Part is the result of thinking every online business is the same.

Let’s say you’re selling information. There’s the belief that if you do exactly the same steps as someone else who is successful, you will get the same results.

There are problems with this:

a) You are an individual like everybody else. You think differently and do things differently. You might be able to go through some basic steps, such as how to set up your website, but then as you develop it, it becomes different to other people’s, reflecting yourself.

b) Marketers who are successful do not often talk about their mindset or attitude. Their personal qualities that allowed them to move forward and overcome difficulties. They might be extremely determined or very patient and methodical. Remember it’s unlikely you’ll see these displayed in what you see of their work.

If you were to physically work alongside a successful marketer, you would then observe such traits on a daily basis. How they form the context and/or motivation for what they do. What are your personal qualities that will keep you overcoming difficulties? You might not know exactly until you start working on your business.

c) There are steps, actions or other things missed out from internet marketing materials. This is because they don’t sell as well. For example, people looking to make money online are not attracted necessarily about how to position themselves and their business in their market. This is linked to the mistake of trying to do the same as everybody else. Yet without a clear positioning there’s little differentiation between your business and competitors customers can buy from.

3 Part is not liking the idea that it involves work.

This is understandable to the extent people getting online to make money are trying to escape having to have a job and a boss. They want some freedom in their lives. It’s disappointing to find products and training presenting them with tasks to do that take up their time just like a job does but without the guarantee of earning any money.

First, you have to have an entrepreneurial attitude rather than a job attitude. You’re investing your time an money rather than simply spending it.

Second, therefore, you have to have a goal as to what you want your business to be like, and a plan over time to get there. This looks difficult when you were looking for a one-hit wonder to give you a decent income.

Third, it involves taking risks rather than seeking complete security. These are risks in money and time, and in learning new things, so it is not so difficult as at first. And thinking up and trying out new ideas of your own to see what works.

4 Part is not having a clear purpose.

Is your purpose to create a business that’s working and then sell it? Or is it a lifetime project you’ll eventually hand on to your children?

How much free time do you want? Maybe you have hardly any at first as you get the business started and begin developing it. How big do you want the business to be? What do you intend to do with any free time you get – have you a purpose for it?

It’s better to have a business purpose beyond simply making money. How will it influence the world you live in? How will you feel about it? How will it affect other people’s lives, including your customers?

Finally, if you’re going to have a clear purpose, you need at least some interest in the subject or focus of the business. Having to work on something you find tedious and boring, and maybe even objectionable, isn’t going to motivate you to improve the business, and provide the best products or service you can. Also, it certainly won’t feel like you have more freedom.

Some people find internet marketing easy – but still challenging as things keep changing, and they aim to develop their business. A lot of the above comes from within yourself, dependent on your mindset, skills and experience. The more you learn, and experience overcoming problems, the easier it becomes.

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Joe Fuller