Why Content Is Powerful For Your Traffic And Business

You can make your use of content in your business the central system of it.

Here are the 3 basic stages content use:

1 You create the content.

2 You attract the targeted traffic you want.

3 You convert subscribers to customers through your emails.

Let’s look at these.

1 Creating the content. You must have a purpose in doing this. You want to get the visitor to go through a piece of content and then click a link to your opt in page.

To do this:

a) Keep it fairly short. If people have decided to check it out, it’s because they’re looking for a solution of some type: they have a worry, concern. problem they want an answer to.

b) Use your title to attract them to choose to have a look at your content. Focus it on one topic or issue. Make it clear what the content is about. So you’re setting up an expectation it will be useful to them, hopefully just what they’re looking for.

c) People like things organized, specifically in easily understandable steps or stages. Use numbers to do this: Step 1, Step 2, and so on.

d) Re-state briefly in one or two sentences, written or spoken and/or in graphic form, main idea of what they have to do.

e) Have a link to click and tell them to do so. Make this seem as part of your content, continuing straight from it. Make it clear immediately what their next step is: to click the link.

If for some reason, your content. no matter what format, is more than just a short piece, with more detail than the above suggestions, then chunk information into shorter sections. Number those sections within each part of the content. Visitors should be able to follow through even quite detailed information, as long as ideas are separated out while also being shown to be connected together.

Keep leading them through, with understanding, to the click.

2 Attract targeted traffic. You don’t just want any old traffic. In terms of a specific piece of content and its specific issue, you only want people to get to your opt in page who are interested in it, and finding out more about it.

a) Don’t bother about people who click away. They wouldn’t have signed up or bought from you anyway.

b) If the content is focused on one issue and provides useful information on it that people want who have been searching about the issue, they are qualified traffic when they click through.

c) They now know that the quality of information they can get from you. So they’re motivated to find more. When they reach your opt in page, with a relevant and valuable freebie, there’s increased confidence it’s worth signing up.

d) In the link they click in the content, you can tell them what free information they’ll receive. So there’s a flow of action from finding your content, consuming it, clicking, signing up, consuming the freebie and the emails you send them.

3 Convert to customers. You continue to send them content you’ve already set up in your autoresponder, including links to more free information, in such as PDFs and videos.

a) Increase your credibiilty and their trust in you. Subscribers have already shown some trust in you and your credibility by taking the action to subscribe. Develop those in your first few emails. In the emails or by sending them to other information, continue to give them valuable contents, preferably materials they can put into practice.

b) At some point introduce the topic or problem solved by your next product. Give valuable information on this.

c) Tell them you have a product to deal with that problem, and you’ll tell them about it next email.

d) Do so, with a link to its sales page.

e) Continue to do this for other products you have. All the products can be your content you’ve created in some format or other.

In this way, your content can be systematically used in your online business.