What Generates Your Website TrafficThe emphasis is on “your”. Different marketers and their businesses generate traffic in different ways, depending on their type of business and their purpose.

Methods also go through fads. Once, using article directories was popular but Google changes put a stop to that. Solo ads, using using the lists of ezine owners, can still be profitable, though it takes time and money to find out which ones are best for your business. Adwords were once seen as the quick way to get traffic. It’s still a quick way to test it but expensive to run and difficult to to get profits from.

So, it goes on.

You have to test different methods to see which ones are the best fit for you.

First, decide on a method. Make it something you feel comfortable with too as well as thinking it’ll be good for your business. If it’s a paid method, make sure you have a high enough budget to cover costs.

Second, learn about it. This seems obvious but many people dive into a method convinced this is the one way for them. Of course, there are many ways overall. But maybe only one way for you. This might not be it. You have to test it to find out.

Third, when you think you know enough to start, set yourself a time limit. For example, if you spend 60 days using Adwords and only getting a couple of clicks a day, it’s not for you. People can make 2 mistakes at this point. One is to just keep going on using it. The other is to think internet marketing is not for them or it doesn’t work, and then stop altogether. If it’s not successful for you, choose another method and test that. And so on – unless you find one that works well for you, in which case scale it up, if you can.

Fourth, the test is not how many clicks or visitors or subscribers or email opens you get, but whether that source leads to people buying your products so you’re making a profit. This is especially the case with paid methods. Paying for traffic might sound cool. But it’s costing you money all the time you use it. With free methods, you can pay with your time.

Fifth, have tracking in place through your autoresponder or other method to link a source to buyers. Set up a separate squeeze page for each source. Track that list for buyers and revenue or profit.

Finally, instead of thinking of driving traffic, think of attracting it, remembering that it’s made up of individual people searching for some solution in their niche.