Website Traffic Pre-sell Targeted Traffic

When online businesses are asked about their biggest problem they almost inevitable say it’s getting traffic.

In fact, there’s plenty of traffic around the web. Just look at social media and the use of search engines. But the term “traffic” is too general. You could have a million visitors a day and still not make a profit. However, it’s more likely the problem is no traffic or little of it.

One big difficulty is such websites are doing what they see or think other sites are doing. They see banners or other types of ads, or links to click. What happens when someone clicks on an ad? They go to your opt in page or sales page. What gets them there? Most probably curiosity. The people who do this are surfers, moving around the web. They’re not looking for anything particular or only looking vaguely.

First, you want targeted traffic. That is, people who are actively looking for what you have to sell. Behind this requirement is your need to have positioned yourself in your niche as unique or original. If you’re selling the same products in the same price range in the same way as others in your niche, there’s no reason why people should buy from you rather than anyone else.

You have to be as distinctive as you can be. Not being different enough is a key reason why people find it hard to makes sales and develop a business.

What is it you sell that searchers cannot get anywhere else? What’s missing in your niche that people want or need?

Then you can attract traffic targeted on what you have. The traffic will find you.

Second, when you’ve positioned yourself and people are finding you, you still have to sell them on your product. Provide enough free materials so they can make a judgement as to the value you give. Do this is with content or other related materials, your opt in freebie, and in your emails and on your website.

Give information about the problem your product solves and the solution it provides. In other words, pre-sell them on your product before they even get to the sales page. For example, have a short email or other course format drip feeding prospects more details about the problem and the solution. In addition, offer a cheap content product going into further detail or going deeper into the product’s solution. Especially, if they find the cheap product valuable, prospects are more likely to buy the actual product.

Needless to say the product must do or provide what you say it does.

The two key aspects of getting traffic, then, are getting targeted traffic and pre-selling to that traffic specifically. In addition, this is in the context of your whole business: of beginning with positioning and then having the structure and activities of your whole business within which your sales happen.