Website Traffic - One Or Two Actions Won't Do It

Ask people who complain about not getting enough traffic what they’ve done to generate some, and they’ll probably tell you they’ve spent all week, for example, working on it. And nothing has happened.

Or they created 5 pieces of content and nothing happened.

Or they bought a couple of solo ads in newsletters, and they have 3 visitors to their site.

Or they bought some Adwords for pay per click. But nobody clicked.

So they give up. Or complain on a forum.

1 Not all kinds of traffic or traffic sources will fit all types of business. The first question to ask is: Which source is going to give me the most qualified traffic? You have to find this out. Choose a source or method and try it out. Keep track of it. If it’s not good enough, try another one. Once you find one that gives you plenty of traffic that’s qualified, then focus on it. Develop your experience and knowledge of it.

2 Be persistent over time. As mentioned, some people have the impression that a couple of attempts will produce traffic to their site. But you have to generate traffic for the long term. And aim to generate it every day. It’s the life blood of your business. So you want it flowing into your business every day. This means continual persistence on your part because when you stop, the flow will stop.

3 Test to improve. I’ve already said about testing traffic sources or methods to find the one best for you. When you then focus on one, you have to keep testing to see how you can increase the amount of it and also its quality. By quality I mean increase the number of people who are really interested in your niche and in what you have to offer. For example, if you find people on your list not responding to your emails, then remove such subscribers on a regular basis. You want those who sign up to then go on to be your customers. Testing means you won’t go on making the same mistakes over and over.

4 People don’t know you. When you first start your online business, who are you online? People in your niche will not recognize you. Then when they do, why would they buy from you rather than one of your competition? Again, you want qualified traffic interested in paying money for your products rather than a competitor’s.

5 You must create a lot. For example, a couple of posts, articles, videos or whatever, won’t cut it. You might be lucky and hit on something that goes viral but mostly, at first, you’re just seen as similar to lots of others in your niche. You have to work to make your difference clear. Finding what your competitors are missing out allows you an opportunity to fill that gap, and give people what they can’t find anywhere else.

Finally, it’s the same as offline. Just because you opened a store, cafe or service center does not mean people will queue up when you open at first. They don’t know you so can’t trust you. You need to build a relationships over time. Subscribers and customers need to know why they’ll find it beneficial for them to keep visiting your site, content, ads, webinars, or whatever you’re using to promote your business. It takes time to do this so you keep making long term revenue and profits.