Although it’s staring them in the face, people often don’t clearly see the connection between content and traffic.

They see traffic as a disconnected part of their business. They have to drive traffic or generate traffic.

At any time there are 1000s of people trying out an internet marketing business. But very few are actually successful, if we’re talking about a long term business producing the income they want – which might be big or small.

There are probably plenty of people wanting to succeed or solve a problem in your niche. They’re looking for specific or general niche information. They might want to know how to do something specific in your niche, or get more information about it to help them understand it better.

Think about it.

Would you do that through an ad, or pay per click system, or some sort of content?

If you were them, which would you prefer to be faced with the choice of using or not using?

I guess, you and they would prefer some content – the more targeted on your need the better.

Then, maybe you’d look at buying a related product.

Just as your list, or a community of people, is the core of your business with your targeted repeat customers, so your content is the basis of your business. Without it, you have no business.

Here’s where you need content.

1 In whatever format you create your content to attract traffic, such as text, audio, video, or webinars you use it to presell your products, business and site. It also establishes your presence in your niche, on the internet. If people don’t know your site and business exist then you won’t get any traffic.

2 You give subscribers content in the freebie you give them for joining your list. This has to be valuable enough to them to want to find out more from your site, emails, and other content online. Plus, your emails are more valuable content about your business, niche and products. This all means more traffic to your site, web content, and sales pages through your links.

3 Your sales pages provide further content in the form of sales copy about your products. If all the previous content they’ve had from you has been useful to them, they’re more likely to buy your product for more and more specific content they want. You presold them to this point in the overall sales process.

4 Your products contain valuable content for your customers in order to satisfy a niche need they have or directly solve a problem, simple or complex, they’re stuck on in the niche. If they like this product they’re more likely to buy other products from you. You’re at the top of  their mind for solving their niche problems.

Content is not a one-off piece of information in the hope of getting some traffic. It’s integrated in various forms and for various reasons throughout your business.

Two points:

First, you have to know your niche information in order to provide people with these various contents. So that’s your first aim: to get knowledge of your niche.

Second, the content may be of various types and doing various jobs but is must be consistent with your, or one person’s, tone of voice and attitude. Otherwise it becomes not believable by your visitors, subscribers and customers. If that happens, you don’t get any or consistent traffic.