website-traffic-attracting-itThe purpose of your website is to attract traffic who are interested in your niche and topic. This traffic should be targeted traffic becausse of their interest. You then want them to buy from your site.

The different components of your online business should be used to attract targeted traffic.

Before we go on to those components and how they can be used for traffic, just think about how most people think fo traffic.

They think about driving traffic or buying traffic. No matter how much money you have, any lists you buy to arrive at your site will not be targeted.

To drive traffic you can use some pay per click system, such as Google’s, but it’s risky unless you really know what you’re doing, and you probably won’t get any profit out of it. You can use it short term to get traffic to see how they respond to your site or an aspect of it.

What you want instead is consistent long term targeted traffic who like and want what you offer, and buy from you.

So what are the components?

First, you want some form of content that attracts people to click through to your site. Find out the topics people are looking for in your niche and create content for them. Your content also sends you traffic because it builds your credibility and it builds trust with those showing an interest. These are powerful attributes that you want to go on to develop.

It does not matter what format this content is in. But make sure it fits appropriately with your niche. For example, if your niche is sports training then quality training audios may be best for people to listen to while they go through their training actions. This is better than people having to read, for instance, then go and do the training, and then refer back to the text. With audios they can get their workouts done more immediately, or listen to them while doing other things.

Second, when they click to your site, offer them a compelling freebie to join your list to get more information. There’s now a direct link between your list of subscribers and your site. You can send them there as many times as you like, as long as they keep opening and reading your emails. You want them to feel the need to open your emails, read your emails, and click your links in the emails. They will feel the need to do so because you’re giving them valuable and useful information that saves them searching around the web for.

Third, that leads to this next component: why should they remain attracted to staying with you? What’s the reason? Because don’t forget that they are more than likely on other lists and looking at other websites. What will make them prefer you over your competition?

Try offering subscriber-only site content, or even have the whole site inaccessible unless a visitor signs up to your list. But make sure you have plenty of excellent content on there first – you want them to keep coming back, not be disappointed.

When you started your business you should have worked out the one thing, or group of things, that separates you from your competition. They want to stay with you and visit your site because… – can you name it now? If not, go back and do it.

Then make it clear on your site by stating it for visitors to understand.

Fourth, optimize your site for the search engines, so when people search for a particular word or phrase your site comes high up in the search results. Aim to find keywords which are popular but yet your competition are not using very much.

Instead of trying to do masses of link building to your site, optimize your content on it with keywords – but sparingly used. Remember you’re looking for long term traffic. Also, make your site as fast as possible in loading as you don’t want people leaving before they’ve a chance to access your content.

Finally, think long term traffic and targeted traffic. To do that you have to be different from your competition, and provide your visitors with satisfaction for their niche needs and wants, and solutions to their problems.