There are 2 big mistakes many people make in aiming to get website traffic.

First, they become over-focused on backlinks to their site. Many people believe this is the only thing they need and that it’s all the search engines want in order for sites to rank high in the search results.

Second, they don’t produce enough niche content. Then, don’t use it as fully as they could or should.

If you spend all your time (and maybe money) trying to get backlinks to your site, you may have some success. But it depends where those backlinks are and who is clicking on them, if anybody. Search engines want clicks as recommendations that your site is worth visiting as being valuable and of use in your niche. If links are not on related sites, they can easily be seen as trying to game the engines.

Also, if you suddenly have lots of traffic from backlinks, the engines will think the same. The normal process, as far as they’re concerned, is a build up over time, as your site becomes more known. Thus, a site may rapidly rise in search results, but then just as quickly disappear.

In any case, what’s most important about your business? Getting traffic or making profits? It’s possible to have greater profits from small traffic if you’re able to sell premium products or services. Or you’re costs are so low, you make more profit when selling cheaper products. Of course, if there’s nothing to differentiate your business from others in your niche and you’re going after the same traffic as other businesses, then there’s no reason for people to click your links and visit your site than anybody else’s.

Simply having backlinks as such is not by itself a game changer for your business. And certainly if that’s the only method you’re using.

Creating niche content does differentiate you, especially when you’re providing ideas, methods, useful and valuable information that people can’t get anywhere else, or find it difficult to find or get a hold of.

It need not be completely unique. You can add your own twist to it or develop it further or add in your own experience. People in your niche probably want to know what best actions to take to have the sort of success they want. If you can give those actions, and they do them and they work for them, then that will differentiate you from others in the niche.

Let’s imagine your sub-niche is roses in the gardening niche. You’ve found out through research and/or experience how to grow hardy roses all the year round even in inclement conditions. Those people who have this problem will be desperate to get your information. Create short pieces of content giving some of the ideas, with a link to your product or more information or to an opt in page to get, for example, a report or video about the topic. Have links to your sales page.

The people who buy the product and do the actions, find that your methods work. They then want more from you.

Have another product extending or deepening your first one, or on another related topic.

You can see the pattern here. Your competitors may be dealing with other niche topics, but you’re the one people go to for this sub-niche or specific sub-niche topics. In effect, you have no competitors.

It is content which attracts people, proves you have valuable information to help in the niche, leads to your opt in and to people buying, and then buying more. But too many make the mistake of creating a few pieces of content, then stop.

Then they’re back searching for that one magic bullet. But no business.

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