What IS IT that’s stopping you anyway?

Have you been working away creating your own product but then you’re stuck on the process of selling it?

Have you been busy list building? But then you’re not sure what products to sell to them?

Have you a series of products? But you can’t tell how to organize them to maximize income from them?

Yes, you’ve heard or know about sales funnels but how do you make it work?

Well, marketers who are making the most money in online business are not letting you know everything.

There are 2 “secrets” especially they’re holding back.

Why aren’t these secrets no longer secrets?

Because they don’t want everyone finding out and becoming their competition. Also, any customers who get into their system don’t know what it’s leading to.

When I tell you you’ll see how simple it is. But don’t be fooled by that. There are complications but the principles are simple.

Here are the 2 secrets.

First, sell your products through email marketing using an autoresponder sequence of emails. Or you could have a community of subscribers as on Facebook, for example. Your very first entry into the sales funnel is through the very first free contact you have with the marketer. That could be a post, article, audio, video, webinar, and so on.

The next step is signing up to their list, for which you’re given a freebie, and through the follow up emails you’re offered a product. When you buy that first paid product, you’re switched to another list that leads to the offer of a second product. And so on.

Once you’ve gone through all the products in the first sales funnel, you’re switched to the next sales funnel, and so itcontinues.

All most people see is the offer of the first paid product. All the rest is hidden until offered. Fewer and fewer people buy as they go through the funnel.

Second, the main high ticket product that the funnels lead to is coaching (or sometimes a membership, or both). Some marketers make it their main product which they actually advertise. Others keep it well down the funnel allowing time to persuade the customers their need for it.

A third option with coaching, or any high ticket item, is to offer it up front at the beginning of the funnel. Even if customers don’t buy it, once they’ve seen its price, then other lower priced offers later take on a different value.

Most buyers though, with a normal low to high ticket funnel, never realize there’s coaching available and how expensive the products can be.

Why do they go to all this bother with a funnel?

Because, like you, people actually want coaching. To get direct support and help with accountability.

But they won’t buy a high ticket product straight away.

So like a lot of other people they buy the most expensive non-coaching product they can afford.

But even then, for their very first purchase they’d rather buy a much cheaper product. They do this both to see if they can use it to achieve what they want to achieve, and to test out the seller.

Therefore marketers start with a cheaper product. This could be anything from a few dollars to $97.

This is their paid entry product into the funnel. But it’s also key information for the marketer because it tells them this person is a buyer of products. If a person does not buy the entry product, they can be put onto a non-buyers list.

So think multiple products rather than separate single products.