The Point Of View Of Your Traffic Is…that they are not traffic.

I’m sure you don’t spend time online thinking that you are traffic.

The word traffic is a misnomer, or just shorthand, for people online who might potentially be subscribers and/or customers.

However, it also has overtones of a mechanical way of seeing people as part of a system operating to produce profits. You do need systems that work but, of course, the traffic is actually made up of individuals.

People usually go online to search for something specific, such as a branded product, or information about a topic they need to get clarity about or some help with. Niche marketers as such, often prefer to target people who are desperately in need of a solution to a problem, such as dealing with vermin in their house.

You might have 100 people in any one niche and they’re all searching for something different in that niche. For example, in internet marketing, some might be searching for a particular type of software, some for training, some for an answer to a very specific question about SEO, and so on.

However, there will be problems in your niche that are common to a lot, or most, people in that niche. For instance, in the health niche, it might be what the best way is of removing belly fat. Now, there might be plenty of offered solutions to this problem but most people could still find them unsatisfactory in some way.

Think about your niche. What are the things most people have a problem with? What solutions are being offered? Are these solutions the best that can be offered? How could they be improved?

Your traffic may have already tried various solutions. They have found one or two that actually worked, and yet they’re still not satisfied for some reason.

1 Think of products first. Create products that fill gaps in the needs and wants of your niche. Remember the traffic is all individuals, so there will be many different needs and wants, as well as generally common ones. It doesn’t matter if there are already products dealing with the same niche issue. You can always improve on those in some way: if not the actual products, then, for example, by your customer service, your presentation, your price, your add-ons, or whatever gives you the advantage over your competition. Create products that customers want and you can feed them through your sales funnel.

2 Of course, everything you produce is a product. This includes your website, any free content, emails, comments, and sales pages. You’ll be judged by how people like or do not like what you produce. Those who are interested in what you do are more likely to go on and buy your offers.

3 Since individuals have different niche needs, you create sales funnels around different needs. For example, in the health niche you might have sales funnels on topics such as: belly fat solutions, aerobic fitness, common ailments, and so on. It depends on your knowledge and what your customers want from you. If you just have a set of products that are not targeted, none of them might be suitable for your subscribers and potential customers.

4 Therefore, target your traffic. If you’re in the health niche, it’s no good having information in some form about internet marketing – unless you can see a needed connection between them. Going narrower, target specific topics in a niche so you’re much nearer to addressing individual concerns.

Finally to say, think of your prospects, subscribers, and customers as individual people, rather than generalized traffic. You might get any amount of traffic you want but it’s the individual person who buys from you. That’s one reason it’s not so easy to have a cookie-cutter business because what’s worked for someone else may not necessarily work for you.