The Goal Of Content Is ClicksIf you’re creating content as part of your online business then you’re immediate or ultimate aim is to get traffic to your squeeze page to build your list or to your sales page to generate revenue.

To do that you want to get as many people as possible to click the link in your content. If they don’t, they will leave and you might never see them again.

With the goal of getting the click in mind, there is no need to create very lengthy content. It can be kept short and straightforward, engaging the visitor through it and right to clicking a link. This needs to feel as natural as possible, as simply a part of engaging with your information. Focus on how you can make that happen.

Think of your content as a sales page format. With a sales page you want the visitor to feel it’s a natural extension to to click the order button.

Address a niche area which you know will concern those who have decided to have a look at the content because of the title or perhaps another link. Maybe it’s something urgently vital or makes their curiosity develop fast.

Tell them the issue, problem, challenge, difficulty or whatever it is that probably concerns them in their niche.

Give an explanation, in whatever format, of the solution or answer you’re presenting to help them.

Having done that, your visitor probably expects a kind of conclusion to what you’ve said. However, it’s best to leave them with a feeling of a gap, and a feeling, therefore, that they want that gap filled to feel satisfied with what they’ve just gone through. To fill that gap, give them a link to more content, maybe your squeeze page with a freebie. Psychologically, they’ll feel they are concluding their experience by clicking for that further information..