Text, Video, Or AudioThe answer is to use them all if you can. But use them strategically.

I bet you’ve been told at some point that video is the best way to go in selling your product: as the product itself, to get subscribers and on your sales page.

This is true up to a point.

But ask yourself: would you rather watch a one hour video or read a few pages PDF to get the same information?

On the one hand the video could be of interest in itself, such as showing how to do something that could be useful at the time to you. On the other hand, is it the best use of your time? The PDF gives that information you want in a couple of minutes.

If people continuously get video from you as your means of communication, with you speaking to camera, they get frustrated and just want the meat of what you’re saying.

Imagine getting a video email every time. Interesting at first, frustrating and repetitive later, especially when 2 lines would do. You want people to trust you and thereby buy from you.

That’s the point.

If you want to use all 3, and other means, try this.

1 Only use video now and again. Then it retains its freshness in your communication and can be focused on practically doing something. If you’re speaking to camera, it allows visitors to recognize you visually, and through your voice.

Seeing you, together with providing useful material, builds trust in you. They also recognize your voice.

2 Provide some content, products, and freebies in audio format. Or an audio of written material. Some people prefer audio because they can get on with their daily life listening to it while doing other things such as driving. They’re not stuck sitting watching a one hour, or longer, video. While a printed out text, or viewed on a mobile device, has to be concentrated on in a focused manner.

Also, they will connect the sound of your voice with any video they’ve seen. Knowing what you look like on video, or an image, means they’ll run a video in their head of you talking as they listen to the audio. It increases closeness between the listener and you. That is, it builds trust.

3 A PDF is useful for access to information as said above. However, if it is too long it’s unlikely people will get through it.

You can, of course, have links in it to relevant videos, audios, other text materials, and so on.

As a product, in an ebook sense, a PDF will not sell for as much as an audio, or video set. But in shorter form you can get right to the main ideas quickly, such as a checklist or short report. When people see you as having a solution to the problem they have at that moment, they want it as fast as possible. Such a PDF fits that need as long as it covers in a short enough format what’s needed.

Again, if they know your voice and/or recognize you visually, they will hear and/or see you speaking the text in their minds.

4 Inter-relate formats so they generate more experience of your ideas and ways of presenting. For example, you might have a short introductory video on a topic on your site with a link below it to a more informative free report. Then, an offer in that free report to an audio course you’re selling on the same topic.

Or another way round, have a free short audio course on a topic, with a link to a full written course online, perhaps with some access to you during it.

Try out different mixes to see what works with your visitors, subscribers, and customers.

The point is you’re building relationship and trust in a strategical way, which leads to more sales.