Successful Internet Marketing Set Up

What do you do when you’re getting started in internet marketing? You need a website, product and sales page, and a list. I’m sure you knew some of these, and more. But the big question is: how do you fit them all together for a successful  business?

Now, I’ll presume you have a product in some form to sell, and you have, or will get, a website.

Then, the question is how to get traffic to that website? Plus develop a list of subscribers you can convert to buyers? Don’t bother buying a list of prospects. Just like having a website, you need it to be yours, not hired out from somebody else. It will be unique to you and your business. This lets you differentiate yourself from other people and their businesses.

So, to create that list, you need an autoresponder: you write a sequence of emails to be sent to your unique list at times you choose. They are sent automatically. This way you keep in regular communication with your subscribers no matter what you’re actually doing in that same time such as working on something else in your business or traveling.

When you have your autoresponder, create a website page where you can send people to subscribe to receive it. Make it a page. If you only have a sign up form, for example on the sidebar of your site, people may or may not opt in to your list. But if you have a page they see first when they land on your site, and can’t go any further without opting in, then more people will do so.

Now write an email sequence to put in the autoresponder. Make them an easy read and useful to your subscribers, with helpful information. Write them as a conversation with your subscribers just as if you were sitting at a table talking to each other.

Having created the email sequence and put it in your autoresponder, it’s time to get traffic. This is where people can get desperate and start to buy into all sorts of things. But keep in mind 2 things: you want quality traffic, and you want long term success, that is, continuous income and not occasional or short term flashes of income. To do those things, create valuable content about your niche and product that is usable by readers and place it on sites across the web. If you want to use Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, only use cheaper bids, and build up once you have clear results. PPC can be very expensive, and with little return, if any. People who are interested in your content will be more targeted traffic, as they’ve decided to click through for more information from you.

Finally, the people on your list are your business colleagues (some would say they are in fact your business). Take great care of them, give them quality information and offer them quality products. That way, they should buy from you many times over, for a long term business.