Social Media Marketing For TrafficSocial media marketing has several uses in your marketing strategy. Before I go into those, there are dangers you need to be aware of in using this media.

First, there’s the problem of getting so involved in them that you waste time. What actions you take in what time scale you’ve decided on, is critical. Being part of your strategy means you can control that much more than simply casually visiting them each day.

Second, you can spread yourself too thin in your actions and end up not being able to carry through the marketing on them. Again, strategy which is flexible gives you a disciplined context to control this and to be as effective as you can be.

As with any other marketing, tracking what you’re doing and testing different social media marketing methods means you avoid spending time in inferior actions.

For example, an updating site like Twitter can be quick and to the point as you only need short messages. Plus you can automate their sending out. But if you’ve tried ten different angles on there and you’re still not getting subscribers, or customers who go through your funnel right to the end, then it’s probably not the best for your niche.

In other words, it’s good to get subscribers and that some become customers. But the balance between your time and effort being involved with that social site, and the revenue your making from there, may not be worth it. You could be using that exact same time doing something that does produce the result you want.

Using social media

You don’t want to sell directly, although you might find a FaceBook set up allows you to be effective in making sales directly from there.

Preferably, you want people signing up to your list. Once they’ve subscribed you have email marketing campaigns to maintain and build credibility and trust which leads people to becoming customers. If you’re trying to sell directly from social media, it’s no different to trying to sell from a sales page. That is, to a cold visitor who knows nothing about you and has no relationship with you.

Use social media to publish your content in a variety of ways. Those interested enough will want more from you and will opt into your list to do so. Some will join quickly, others might keep consuming your content for a long time before taking the plunge with you. Also, as with your squeeze page, treat it as the first point in your email campaign and sales funnel,in that you’re providing a free gift. But you don’t want pages which look like sales pages.

However, as well as the updating sites, you use the blog sites too.For instance, there’s or sites like HubPages. Put all sorts of content formats on them but not sales pages. But you could offer an op tin form, leading to your email campaign. Some emails, strategically placed in sequence, send subscribers to sales pages.

Social media for credibility

Once they have the link for the free gift in your first, or maybe second, email, provide more free information in order to build credibility. You want to prove straight away that you’re not limited to the content you’ve given on the social media they joined from. In fact, on each of the social media you use, have strategic linking between them, so that you’re building up trust too as they move from one to the other and visit your content.

In addition, as you move them from one to the other, provide some links on them for free products. Create your own social context that they can explore and take up free offers as they please. This gives you many entry points into your email campaigns and thus into your sales funnel through you entry product of the product funnel itself.

Social media for traffic

Obviously, once someone finds a piece of your valuable content, and then follows links, you’re developing the amount of traffic that converts to subscribers.

You’re also developing some qualification of that traffic. You only want subscribers and customers who want the products you offer. You also want those who prefer your style of content and ways of working. Some will not, so you want them to drop away early instead of sitting on your list and never buying anything.

You’re already creating a relationship with visitors which you can follow through in your emails and products. Everything must have the same style and tone. With enough availability and consistent strategy, the relationship will start on social media.

As part of your marketing strategy, then, create your own social media marketing context over time. Test as you go along to ensure the time you spend on it provides good enough revenue.