Product Launch -Here's A ProcessI’m sure you’ve seen this suggestion if you’ve been looking to start your online business:

First, create a website.

Second, build a list or community.

Third, offer them a product.

The problem with this is that it misses out the other other steps needed to get it to work. Also, if you don’t know what you’re going to sell from the beginning, what’s the point of the website or list? If you go to anywhere online answering people’s questions you’ll see some people asking what to do now they have a website, and in some cases even a list. Some build very big lists. But they don’t know what to do with them.

Their very first decision after deciding on their niche, should have been about what product or service they would sell.

Then, build their website and list with that in mind.

However, there’s an additional complication. As said, what are the different steps and elements needed to get to the point of launching your product to your list?

So, rather than jumping straight in from having a product to putting up a website, you need to think ahead and plan out.

Work from your product backwards, thinking about the process your customers will go through to get to buying it.

First, create or find a product to sell in your niche.

Second, as part of that creation, write the sales letter or sales video or whatever you’ll use.

Third, create a freebie based on or taken from the product..

Fourth, decide on how you will deliver the product. You might need a service like eJunkie or some other to protect and allow the download of your product. Have a Thank You page for when they do.

Fifth, which payment gate will you use? Such as Paypal. You’ll need a button on your sales page to connect to it, plus the redirection from the payment gate to your download page.

Sixth, create an email campaign aimed at developing a relationship of trust with your subscribers, before they become customers, and proving your credibility. Tell them about your product, and make the offer, linking to your sales page.

Seventh, create an opt in page where you offer your freebie for visitor emails. To do that you’ll need an autoresponder to send out your emails once they sign up to your list.

Eighth, find a way of sending traffic to your opt in page. Preferably, this should be targeted and interested traffic.

Ninth, having got this set up and the process started, create another product, and repeat.

Obviously, you’ll need a mindset of focus and clear intention, and there can be more elements than this. Let me know what you think.