Product Creation - What Can I SellThere are 2 big problems people have about their product when they think they’ll start an online business or or have actually started one.

First is that they forget about having a product. They might even build a big email list or following somewhere online, and then wonder what they can sell to them. The other thing is that they can have jumped at the first promising looking a opportunity they’ve come across. It doesn’t work out and they’re left still stuck but now very puzzled.

Second is when they’re thinking about an online business and get stuck at the first hurdle as to what they can sell at all.

You can sell almost anything online as long as people want to buy it and there’s enough of them to give you a profit over what it’s costing you to run your business. That’s why selling information about your expertise in a topic is the easiest way to generate revenue and profits because the cost in money to create products is negligible. Though there is a cost in time in order to create them.

The following applies to any format your product is in, such as PDF, webinar, video, audio, membership, or a course of some type. But first, concentrate on a single product.

If you’re in this type of situation, try these steps.

1 What do you know about? What knowledge or experience do you have on a specific topic or topics? If you’ve more than one main topic, go through the process and for each and decide on one main topic.

2 List those topics: the areas of knowledge or experience.

3 Using a separate page for each topic, list the different elements or parts or aspects of that topic. In other words, you’re analyzing it. You might have 3 or 100 ideas.

For example, your topic might be caring for pet cats.

So you might have:

a) general issues in looking after a pet cat

b) criteria for choosing a pet cat

c) feeding

d) looking after their physical needs

e) their behaviorial needs

and so on.

4 Under each of these sub-topics, list important ideas or actions that people need to know about. You might have 3 or 10 for each sub-topic.

What this shows is that you do have information people who are cat owners would like to know about, especially if you have something fresh to say and/or you can give better clarity as to what they need to know and do.

5 Now order your information. Put numbers, 1…2…3…etc, beside each of your main topics. Order them by priority of what people need to know: first, second, third etc. Or order them by time: what’s the first thing they have to do, the second and so on.

How you order your information depends on the purpose of your information. For example, if you’re taking them through actions to take, it could be a time-based process where things could be done differently but you’re giving your guidance. Or there may be things that must be done before others, that is, some actions have priority over others in order to get the result they want.

6 Now order each set of sub-topics under your main topics. Some might be by time; others by priority.

7 Look over what you’ve got and ask yourself: is there anything else needs including? Where can I find more information I need? Is there any way I can make this unique to me? You might have already achieved the last answer and not realized it until you had it all set out.

Choose a topic or sub-niche you’re really interested in or want to find out more about if you’ve not much knowledge to begin with. You don’t want to get fed up with it half way through, and have to start all over again.