Product Creation -Stuck About What To Create

Have you decided you want to go into a niche online and start selling in it? You’re one step ahead of others if you have.

But then you get stuck on what to sell. What product could you have to start generating money?

There are 2 problems with this:

1 In order to position yourself in your market with some credibility you need some knowledge of your niche. The best way to go is to first gain some knowledge.

2 If you’re thinking of only one product, you severely limit yourself. If it isn’t totally unique in some way, you need lots of products.

Now, you may have some knowledge or awareness of your niche market.

If so, you can still use what you know and build on it using other people’s products.

Here’s how.

1 It’s possible to sell a high ticket item straight off the bat as your first product if you know just enough information to use in it. The reason is not only having just enough information in order to give people value but also how you present it. If you know how to create your product in audio, or video, or as a webinar, then prospects will pay more for what you’re selling.

For example, think of making a video. Showing how someone can follow through on a task step by step could be a business life saver for some people. They need this but have not been able to find it anywhere. You have an immediate audience.

You can sell a series of videos for 10 times an ebook price as long as it fits your market. See below for this and combine with this point.

2 The quickest way to get the information you want and make a product at the same time, is to carry out an interview and record it. Use Skype, phone or a webinar format. Authors especially are wanting to get their ideas and book titles spread as far as possible.

Ensure you have them giving a step by step process to what their telling you and your audience. You can sell that audio directly, maybe sharing profits with the interviewee. Or have it transcribed so you can use it in PDFs, or articles series or slide presentations. Of course, you could suggest you want to take the information directly from their book and make a financial arrangement with them to do so. They might then suggest an interview format themselves.

3 Get some Private Label Rights product that you can change as you want and then sell as your own. It needs to be good enough quality in the first place – this is where your own knowledge comes in, in order to make that assessment. You can take the ideas from it and completely re-do it: rewrite a PDF and/or replace their videos with your own (or re-stamp them) and/or create an audio series.

However, you change it, it is then your own product to do what you want with. You can take ideas from different PLR products and make them into one product such as a course. Again, video and audio sell for more.

4 Use Q&A sites, or ask questions on your own site, for questions about your niche. When you see key issues being repeatedly raised, take some of them, find out about resolving them, and create your product from what you find.

In any niche people have small and large problems they need to get answers to. Solve those problems for them and they’ll look for more products from you.

Pick and mix where you get your knowledge from (including competitors), and focus on a couple of formats to give that knowledge to your prospects. Keep doing it and keep making more products.