Product Creation - Research Before CreationAre you trying to work out what product to sell as your first one?

Or maybe you’ve decided on a topic because you believe people in your niche want it and will buy it?

Or maybe you’ve tried that already and you made no money?

So, what’s the problem?

You have to sell products people want in your niche.

Find that out first.

However, a bit of a preamble before I give you simple process to achieve that.

You might have chosen a niche or niche topic for your business because you think you can make money in it. That’s fair enough.

But you also need to have enough knowledge about it so you can, in the first place, create or buy products in order to sell them to make money. If you don’t know enough, you need to learn about your niche first.

Here are some steps to find out what people want in your niche.

1 Use a keyword tool such as Google’s Keyword Planner and check out the search terms people use in your niche. You can do a similar search in the Google search engine. What are people looking for? What words are they using? For example, if you were thinking of setting up a business in dog walking, what do people seem most concerned about. Is it the dog walking program and methods as such, or is it more the care of dogs for the rest of the time, such as any feeding regime you offer while you have them? See how deep you can go in the topics raised.

2 If it’s a digital product, find similar products to yours on Clickbank or other affiliate sites. How many are there? Are they selling very well? If some are and some aren’t, what’s the difference between them? How can you make sure your product will be unique in some way in your market. Could it be faster, easier to use, or have more to it than the others?

3 Use any niche related forums. Search for threads related to your product topic. What are the specific complaints or praise for other similar products? Make notes of what people seem to want from a better product.

Start your own thread, asking members what they actually want from your product. You might be told you’re wasting your time. On the other hand, they might tell you it’s just what they’re looking for and when can they buy it. Even if it seems nobody would be interested in your product, see what is wanted and create that product.

4 Here’s an interesting idea. Create a sales page for your new product, even if you haven’t made it yet. Send people to it and say you’ll let them know when it’s ready. Count the clicks for people who visit it. Also, have visitors sign up to an early bird announcement list and you’ll let them know when they can buy it. Count the numbers that join.

If you’ve done sort of previous research you’ll have some sort of idea of what is wanted in your product. So you should get a reasonable response. However, if you’ve done no research and the results are poor, you’ll just have to say there’s not enough of a market for it – this is not a good result for your business, so it’s best to do some research first.

5 Create the product. Fit it to what you’ve found out people want. But even when it’s finished, ask customers to tell you what else they want in it. Those who have already bought should be given the new elements for free as part of the product or as a bonus add-on. Add those elements to your sales page to attract even more buyers.