product-creation-its-place-in-your-businessIf you’re starting an online business, you may have gone one of 2 ways with products.

First, you’ve hunted high and low for the sorts of products you want to sell. This can be a long and arduous process as there are lots of marketers offering new products in various niches all the time. This can be anything from niche websites every month or some new super software they claim everyone will want.

Second, you’ve almost forgotten about having a product. You’ve got lost in the technicalities of website creation, marketing strategies, email marketing and set up, and so on. It all becomes so interesting, it’s easy to forget you wanted to start an online business, and without selling products you won’t make any money.

People get stuck in these situations all the time. And then wonder what they can do.

They lose focus on starting a business, and looking at first at the whole business into which products fit. You can have all the technical set up you like but no one will visit your site without marketing, and specifically a product to market, even if it’s only free information on your website.

The first thing to do is know what you’ll sell. A business is not a business without selling something. Decide what that something will be exactly. This makes the presumption that you know you’re niche well enough that you know about products in it that you might even create yourself. If your niche knowledge is lacking, then that’s the first thing to do.

Let’s presume you have that knowledge well enough but are still unsure about products to sell. In that case, find some reliable and good affiliate programs for your niche, and choose products to sell from those. Start generating some revenue.

However, secondly, as fast as you can, get or create your own product. You can still affiliate market successfully while also selling your own products. As said, if you have enough niche knowledge you can start creating your own products straight away.

Third, as people visit your site, send them to an opt in form so you start to build your list. Through this list of targeted people is one way you can market your products. In addition, because of the constant communication with them, you can ask them what products they want and need. Ask what will help them overcome problems in their business or niche. Create the products to respond to those needs.

Fourth, your list is made up of targeted subscribers because they have shown an interest in your niche, and any specific topics they have got information about from you in your content. They have clicked a link in your content you publish on your site and other places online. They do this to find out more from you. They are already showing an element of trust in you. You build on that in your email campaigns and any other communication you have with them.

Fifth, create marketing content which focuses on what people in your niche want to know about and what actions to take in the niche. Choose formats which are suitable for your niche, such as videos for demonstrations of actions to take in a physically oriented niche, as with exercising or cooking.

You can see here where your products fit into the whole business process. Keep creating products to sell. But notice that all that you present to or provide for your visitors and subscribers, is a form of product. Some are totally free; some they give their email address for; others they pay you for. This is why you need to get to creating your own products as quickly as possible, not only because that’s where the most profits are, but also because your targeted visitors and subscribers and customers want materials from you. This is what you want: that they want all your products, whatever type and wherever they fit in your business.