People in your niche are looking for solutions to problems they have, or answers to questions they have, or more information to aid their understanding about an element of it.Positioning Yourself With Your Knowledge

You have information they want and need.

You can help them. This is crucial.

You’re not trying to sell something to them every 2 seconds. It’s the opposite: you’ll sell more to them because you help them. The more they feel success, the more they’ll buy from you.

When you start, do 2 things, either one first.

Publish content using your expert information. Create a network of content that’s like your area on the web. Inter-link your content, and with the content on your website. Create lots of useful and valuable content for your niche. The more people find and the more they find it useful to them, the more they’ll want from you.

The other thing is to create your first product. This will be one of your products in your first sales funnel. But just get this first one done. It does not matter what form it’s in, such as ebook, audio, video, infograph, email course, webinar, whatever. Choose something basic to your niche or something absolutely central which may be more complicated. Find out more for yourself if you need to: do what you already know, then research to fill in gaps.

You can create your first product as a simple but valuable $7 report, which you can then expand on in other later products. Or create as major a product as you can, such as something like a Home Study Course, going into some detail in different niche areas, and maybe being multimedia. And then subtracting a part of that as is, or re-creating a part, as your first entry product to your funnel.

Or you could do anything in between. The point is you must have something to sell – people often forget this.

Joe Fuller