Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Niche – And Beat Your Competition!


Are you frustrated in your online business as to why some others are getting straight out the gate while you hover around wondering what’s gone wrong?

Well, read the title of this page again – that’s your answer.

There are 3 key words:

1 Yourself – meaning you yourself, and your business

2 Expert – you have to know more than others in your niche

3 Your Niche – focused on your market, and you don’t even have to know everything about it

Instead of getting any old product and trying to sell it to make some money, act strategically to bring about your success.

That means you have to position yourself and your business in your niche as the expert to go to, to get help, knowledge and positive results.

How do you do that?

Well, that’s what my 16 page PDF outlines for you:

1 Why you MUST position yourself as a niche expert

2 Decide on your purpose in having a business

3 Decide on what expertise you will have

4 How you will deliver your expertise

5 How you will sell it

There’s a route map to get to a foundation position you can then build on.

Without having a clear positioning you will lack focus and direction – which is probably where you are now.

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