Oursourcing - Use It In Your Business

Internet marketing outsourcing is all about having a system for it and that’s integrated into your business as a whole system. It must be as systematized as you can make it, otherwise it’s easy for it to become confusing and you lose control of it. Marketers who have been working by themselves and suddenly have other people involved in the business find the complications increase unless they have:

1 created systems in other areas of their business

2 worked out a system for outsourcing

3 that system fits into the business and their work processes

4 a strategy for outsourcing that does not go too fast

Unless worked out, internet marketing outsourcing can:

1 increase your workload

2 complicate things so much, you lose control

3 increase stress

4 take over your work completely

How come that can happen? Surely, outsourcing is a good thing in itself, everybody says so. Well, imagine this.

You take on 3 outsourcers in other countries. One fails to produce the goods from the start, one does work but not as you require it, and the third is difficult to contact even though their work is as you want it. In other words, there’s more than one dimension to making the best of outsourcers. You need consistency of work as you’ve asked them for and consistency of communication. You can imagine spending a lot of time on them if these qualities go wrong.

Use internet marketing outsourcing as soon as you can…

…but only when you’re ready to do so. This includes being personally ready yourself, emotionally and psychologically. After all, you probably started your online business to avoid too much pressure. Extra people always bring extra complications because there are more multiple factors involved.

Choose outsourcing when the business is ready to develop or grow, and you can afford it. Have systems in place for lead generation, conversion to subscribers, conversion to customers, and product points at your squeeze pages, and through your sales funnels. These must all work as best they can because you’ve worked on them to improve them. If that’s the case, you’re probably ready to outsource an aspect of your work.

Your Outsourcing System

Choose only one place to use it to begin with. You want to makes sure it will work as such and it fits effectively into your structure. Also, you want to keep control of the pace of change. For example, let’s say you decide to stop or reduce the creation of written content in some area and decide to outsource it instead. You need to first test several people who can do this, or say they can – if you go through an agency it makes things easier, though it could be more expensive.

Once you’ve found and proved one or two people who can do it, you must keep control of what they write. Do this by giving them the subjects to write about or keywords or individual words to base it on. Set times for work to be produced and sent to you. If they’ve to produce one article a day and send it to you, for instance, they must be able to keep to this timetable – it’s part of the agreement between you. You might want then to sign a non-disclosure agreement too, so they can’t use or sell on the ideas you give them or the material they create.

If you’re very specific about how you want the content organized, then you need to give examples of how to do that. You can create some videos for going through a process, step by step – this is useful for any kind of tasks you want done. You set up a protected website where you put the videos and other materials they need, so it’s always there for any future outsourcers to access as well.

There’s no problem with you getting a lot of material on a regular basis, such as articles, as you need not check every one but check a percentage each time, at random. Again, it’s a question of you working on your own business, and things not getting out of hand because of the introduction of other people into it. Go even further, and contact them at intervals to ensure they are doing your work that your paying for – phone is best but if that’s too expensive, then use email or chat.

Once you can trust them to produce the work on time, as you want it, then you can ease up on this checking, though it’s worth intensifying it at times to show you’re paying attention. When someone does not come up to the standards you want, then drop them and move on quickly.

That is, your use of outsourcing must fit as a system, into your business. Set that system up first, find outsourcers by testing several, and monitor them. Once this is working in one area then you can look to improve your business with outsourcing in other areas.

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