Online Video For Your Website TrafficIn this post I’m going through the different types of online video you can use to send visitors where you choose.

It’s a powerful form of communication for marketers and anybody else who wants to get a point across. However, there is a danger in relying only on it as a marketer. There’s no need to restrict yourself to YouTube to publish a video as you can distribute it to plenty of other sites. More importantly, though, is the question of links and the spread of your message. You want your marketing message spread as widely as possible and especially where your target audience is. And that’s not only, or maybe hardly at all in your niche, on video sites.

Use a variety of methods and forms besides online video to spread your marketing in order to get leads. In addition, make your videos do extra strategic work by giving a link to another piece of your content. For example, you could link to an article, a guest blog post, a forum comment or thread, a social site you’ve set up or a Twitter comment.

Notice I haven’t included your blog or website in this list. It’s too easy to just keeping sending people to your site through links. Rather you want to show the array of places you have content. Inter-link those places strategically. Instead of a link to your site, send visitors to a squeeze page so they can join your list. From your email campaign you can then send them to your site to show your content and its value.

Accepting that online video is one of a variety of ways to send traffic to your site, let’s look at the types of video you could use.

Using slides

This may be the easiest to do but it’s still effective if the content is good. Create some new text content or transcribe a recording you’ve done or choose one of your articles. Take out the key ideas about your topic, and take out the sentences you’ve used to tell those ideas. Then, have two or three supporting points for each key idea. Using Powerpoint or similar software, create a series of slides. Have one key idea and its supporting ideas on one slide.

Have about five slides. You could actually just leave it at that with no voice over. But if you talk about each slide or simply read it for one minute per slide, you have a five minute video. Of course, you can add in whatever you want as long as it does not detract from the content. In fact, whatever you add should support the content of the particular slide.

There are sites you can go to in order to set up your video. Find slide share sites where you can include your video. Don’t forget to put a link to another piece of content or to a squeeze page. Work out what is strategically the best way to do this before you start creating your online video.

With your voice over

I’ve just given an example where you use voice over for slides. However, you could make longer or more complicated slide videos, which could also include images. Or you could create a demonstration one if topics in your niche are suitable for that method. The demonstration could be online stuff or demonstrated physically. You might want to practice first, unless you know what you’re doing very well. In any case, write out the basic script to ensure you’ll cover all the important ideas. Also, there’s no reason you couldn’t include slides as part of it. Writing it out will make sure you have a step by step procedure during the video. Again, it need only be a few minutes long.

Talking to camera

You need to feel comfortable doing this. Not everybody is, at least at first. If you’re not comfortable but really want to make this type of video, then get plenty of practice and make lots of videos. The more you do, the easier it will become. You could also work your way there from the slide format. You definitely need a script for this one but only use a shortened summary version to talk from. This keeps it more spontaneous and personable – you’re not trying to remember the exact wording of sentences. Stick the main points up by the side of the camera or computer screen and just refer to them to guide you through what you want to say.

Online video tools

Some sites let you make the slide video online. Or you can use Powerpoint or similar software and CamStudio to make it. You can download CamStudio free. At the time of writing, AudioAcrobat can also be used for creation. For speaking to camera, you can use some kind of hand held one, your cell phone camera or buy a more professional one. The cheaper way of doing it is just as good, however, as it’s the content that’s important. There’s also your computer camera – no need to do anything fancy but sit in front of it and speak.

It would be possible to make several slide videos a day if they’re short and based on content you’ve already created or know very well. Online video, though, should be part of your overall strategy for content creation, placed at different places across the internet, to take traffic to your squeeze page, and then your website.