Online Business - Struggling To Start Part 1

Are you struggling to start in your online business?

I think I can tell you why…

If you’re at the stage of thinking about starting, you’ve got these thoughts blocking your action:

1 There is, or there must be, a get-rich-quick way of doing things. If this is you, please go and spend some of your hard earned money on some scheme or method or package of stuff that promises to hand you an online business. (I’m not trying to sound harsh here, but people are doing this as you read these very words – spending maybe thousands of dollars) Then com back here, or find someone else to help you realistically to have an online business.

2 Another thought that might be blocking you is: there are big secrets about all this internet stuff. If only I knew them I’d easily succeed. Well, there are “secrets” in the sense that other people know things you don’t. But then, in that case, you have “secrets” too. You know how to do some things that other people don’t. But there are no secrets someone can tap into and produce success as if by magic.

3 On the other hand, your thinking goes: this is just too much hard work. There must be an easier way. It isn’t worth it: you can see that by next week or next month, you’re just not going to be making a living income, never mind being rich.

There can be two effects of these kinds of thinking.

One is to rush as fast as you can into any ideas you can find in the hope that “This will be it!” You’re moving fast from one idea or method to the next. But they all fail.

Actually, this is not too bad because you’re finding out what does not work, or, at least, does not work for you. You do have to be willing to fail at some attempts.

Another is to go a lot slower. You search high and low for information that lets you in on secrets of what to do. You still find a lot of misinformation, including stuff you buy. But also quite a lot of valuable information. The problem is putting it together to make it work. And there’s just so much of it, you can’t get your head round it.

This is where a lot of people give up as they think it’s all too much work for no result. Dreams of quick and easy riches disappear. Well, you either give up, or become more realistic.

I was going to write a longer post but decided to split it to give time for thinking! So see the second half in the next post.