Online Business - Content ConnectionYou probably know by now about the importance of building your own list, or a community such as on FaceBook or Google+.

It is important. But without getting other parts of your business right, your email marketing and list maintenance will not be as effective as it should be. Remember you don’t just want someone to subscribe to your list, buy something, then disappear. You want as many people as possible to buy as many of your products as you can persuade them to buy. You want them to look forward to your next product.

Getting to that point does not begin with your emails. Your email marketing is only one stage in achieving it.

Your email marketing is important but the rest of the processes you have in place are just as important. You need them all. Your emails cannot do it alone, or only for a very short time.

There are psychological stages people must go through before you start sending them emails, and after you start sending them. All of this requires continuity through your business strategy and process.

The connection between the different stages is your content.

First, it’s important to create content that connects with your target audience. They must find it useful and engaging. If they only find it useful they’ll take it and go. If they only find it engaging, they’ll find it entertaining and go. So you want both.

Probably, people will not find your content by chance. Your target audience is actively looking for 2 basic things. One is some specific niche information that’s really useful and/or helps them in some way. The second is to find someone they see as credible in the niche, and that they can trust at the same time. You need to be that person.

Why? Because the very fact they’re searching means whatever is on niche offer to them from others does not satisfy them or there is someone to do that but they haven’t found them yet. This is your role, so you’re ahead of your competition.

Create as much free content as you can daily and publish it on relevant websites.

Second, have a link in your content. You can send your visitors anywhere you find valuable to send them. However, at some point, the best place to send them is to your opt in page. You could have this at the front of your site so they have to sign up in order to see your site content. Your opt in page is also your content and it’s only purpose is to persuade people to subscribe. Keep it simple so that your freebie, and the benefits of it to them, is clear. If they’ve liked your other content enough they sign up for more.

Third, the freebie needs to be useful and engaging so they can understand something important about the niche and what they want to do in it or it could be something they can action immediately for the same reason, or both. It must fulfill the promise of its title. If subscribers feel let down here, they won’t open your emails.

Fourth, so far you have built up your credibility and their trust in you. Your first set of emails, 5 to 10 maybe, must strengthen those in their minds. Give the best content you can in emails or send them to other content of yours on other sites, including your own. Provide them with more free gifts.

Fifth, after those emails, introduce the topic of your first offer. Then, announce your offer and emphasize its usefulness to them, and the benefits for them. Those who buy it can then receive a second offer after a period of time. Those who don’t buy can get more credibility and trust building emails, and a second offer.

Sixth, your products are also your content. If you’re wanting to sell multiple products over time, they must be products subscribers want to buy, or need in your niche. The best way is to find out from them what they need, create the product and sell it to them. This is the best help you can give.

Without these different elements and stages, your email marketing will not have the effect you want from it by itself.