Most Frequent Questions Answered In Internet MarketingInternet marketing questions and answers can be difficult to find together. There are places where people ask questions, and usually repeated ones, as in forums. There are places where answers are given in some form to the questions people keep asking, but not so many places. This article tries to fill that gap somewhat but these are only my answers and others might give you different ones.

It’s always worth getting other viewpoints. Also, I’m referring to an online business, selling in internet marketing niches, such as email marketing, blogging, or product creation.

Why are internet marketing questions and answers not to be found very widely? It’s because folks are concentrated on selling their product solution for the subjects of the questions, rather than just giving out the information as a help. Also, marketers online can get so used themselves to what they’re doing until it’s almost second nature, and forget that others may not be so aware of the answers and might need things explaining.

About getting traffic

This is probably the most asked question in some form or other. The questioner has set up a site, done some search engine optimization on it, made some posts, and maybe even set up some backlinks to the site but still gets little or poorly targeted traffic. There are two basic responses to this problem. One is a large scale, whole business one. They may have chosen a niche where there are no buyers or no hungry buyers for their products. The niche might need to be narrower, in order to get focused on very specific problems and solutions that people actually want and are looking for. The SEO may not be done properly, while the backlinks are poor and unrelated ones, or maybe they’ve tried paying to gets lots of them in a short space of time, which the search engines do not like. The contents of the site may not be providing enough value to the business’s prospective customers. In fact, it may be just like anybody else’s site – people can get the information from lots of places online.

The other response involves going back to basics before the business or site was set up, or looking at the details of what’s happening. For example, had they decided how they were going to attract traffic? It’s difficult to drive constant traffic without exceptional offers. The site has to attract visitors through unique or original material. Maybe they just don’t know enough about the niche to do that. Did they decide on their goals for the business beforehand – or did they simply think about making money in a vague way? To reach a goal you have to go through steps of actions. Finally, have they worked out daily action plans to do that – the details they’ll need to go through over a period of time while maintaining their values and positive attitude? Even with traffic, an online business begins with your knowledge.

About starting an online business

The next most asked questions are about how to begin or what the first thing is they have to do. The answer is that it’s best not to start by rushing to put up a site and hope for the best. The first thing is to choose a niche you can be successful in: one where money is already being made (unless it’s a very narrow one you know has potential) and in which you have enough information and knowledge to provide lots of free and paid help via that information. If your hobby is oriental fish-keeping and you think you know enough about it to make money, ask yourself exactly what you’d sell that people want, and whether you could create at least 100 articles on it. Do some thinking, research, and planning first. The quick fix never really works because you don’t have a business nor a sustainable one.

Start with yourself. List all you know about your proposed niche. You’ll quickly see how fast you get stuck and maybe run out of ideas. If you can’t sustain your intentions at this point, you won’t be able to sustain a site with regular posts. That’s doubly the case if your competition is already providing the same information – that’s where your visitors will go unless you can be unique or original. If it doesn’t work out with the first niche, try others in the same way until you find one where you can stand out and have your own individual business. It doesn’t matter if the niche is extremely narrow, as long as there are enough buyers – they’ll probably be willing to pay premium prices for what you offer them.

About information overload

It needs to be understood that everybody experiences this. Even those who are seen a gurus at some point felt overloaded. That’s why they all have or had coaches, themselves. Information overload is like a great weight to carry or quicksand to get through or a thick fog stopping any progress. However, it’s exactly the same as when you learn about anything from scratch or a low base. If you think about being in school or college, you had the pressure of dealing with all that stuff, especially as exams loomed. Of course, the big difference is you were being taught on it and so had stuff to refer to from your teachers, and you could ask them questions or get information from friends who you could probably work with as well. This is why most people starting and growing their business are actually looking for a coach. They might not be able to afford it, and so get the nearest equivalent that they can afford.

Whatever that is, you have to ask yourself what (or seem to be) the most important information and ideas. You need to know that anyway in terms of your niche content. For internet marketing your business, you can ask yourself:

Which methods fit my niche best? eg text or video products?

Which products do my prospects want to buy?

Can I create them in the format they want?

How can I convince them my products are the best for them?

How can I deliver the products?

What valuable freebies can I use, based on my products, to build my list?

The point is, if you’re already overloaded, you don’t need more of the same. You don’t deal with the overload as your focus (that’s a waste of time and energy) but use what you have to work out the basics of creating and growing your business – you probably already have enough information and knowledge to do that: make your business the focus, not the overload.

If you have other questions you want me to answer, just send me an email through the contact form. I answer everything myself.