List Building - Profit From It

This post is for you if you’re just starting your online business, or thinking about doing so.

You build a list in order to generate profits in your business. Obviously, you won’t be making profits from a list if you’re just starting but not mainly for that reason. You don’t suddenly have a list of subscribers willing to buy your products overnight. In fact, it’s a case of testing your emails and email campaigns, and making mistakes which you then improve on. It’s also obvious then, that this takes time.

Further, you might pay someone a hefty price to show you and teach you how to do this until you succeed at it. But every list is different. Remember it is your list you have created yourself for your business. It’s not as if you’ve bought the list from someone else and it will respond in exactly the same way as other lists. It’s not like a piece of software.

You are dealing with individual people. How many people do you know who are exactly the same as everyone else you know? Each person in the list is different. Therefore, you have to study and track how your subscribers react to information and offers you send them. For example, to take extremes: almost on principle, some people will hardly ever click links, at least not the first time of seeing them; other people will click every link you send them.

Also, when you have sub-lists, some people will respond differently in different sub-lists. There’ll be more interest in some topics than others.

By tracking your subscribers’ responses you can change and improve your emails and your series of emails over time in order to get the most effective email campaigns you can – and the most profits you can.

So if you’re just beginning, here are 3 pointers as to what to do to get to a profitable list.

First, you must, as part of your business preparation, have decided what niche your business is in. Too many people begin with a product they think will sell well. But that isn’t a business, unless you fully develop other related products. By deciding on your niche first, you can decide the people you want on your list in order to buy your niche products. You want a targeted business, and targeted subscribers on your targeted lists. That way, you increase your profits.

Second, at the start, do not hesitate and double-think your emails. It’s absolutely of no use you thinking they are great emails and can’t fail. Some of them definitely will. The important action at this point is to just get a set of emails written. Put them into an autoresponder, and track each email’s open rate and clicks in them.

Third, keep tracking your statistics. You might set yourself a 90 day period at first, or the number of subscribers’ responses you get. Keep track of your opens, clicks, and your conversions to buyers when you make an offer. Some emails will be much more effective than others in terms of the response you want.

Therefore. check your statistics for those emails and read the emails. Ask yourself, why are they more effective? For example, usually higher opens will correlate with the subject line as attractive to subscribers or intrigue them or raise their curiosity. When the clicks are better in an email it’s probably because it really generates their interest in the email’s topic. So, change subject lines on poor emails opens, and change poorly clicked emails or remove them and write fresh ones. Then, keep tracking and testing.

Has it struck you that you’ll need more than just a few emails in order to do this? Comparing 6 emails over one week will not tell you a lot of any worth. You’ll be scrambling to keep re-writing a couple of emails, with not much effect on your aim to make profits in your business from your list.

Write, for instance, 30 emails at one sitting, which gives you one email a day for a month to send out, if you’re sending daily. Get subscribers by a method that works for you, and then track and test. Over time you’ll have a profitable list.