List Build - Youre In A List Building CompetitionYou’re in a contest in 2 ways.

First, it’s a contest with your competition.

The biggest mistake marketers make is to keep on trying to sell the same type, or even the exact same, product as others in the niche. Think about your own email behavior. You’re probably on several people’s lists. You open some and find they’re marketing the same product for that week, and even with the same email copy they got from the product creator. You open other emails and find similar products that vary in ways they work or of use to you.

What do you do?

You learn to go with 2 or 3 marketers over time and begin ignoring the rest.

You’re starting an online business in the same niche and these are your competition. People selling affiliate products even have contest boards and aim to be at the top of them with most sales.

Second, it’s a contest with yourself.

What’s the ideal product? One that is unique to you and that is wanted by people in your niche. Unfortunately, that’s almost unheard of. It’s like creating an app or bot that goes viral because it’s so wanted, and you’re the only seller.

What’s the nearest you can get to a product’s uniqueness and being wanted?

If you have enough knowledge of your niche youc an find areas where there is a gap or lack, even though products are being sold very close to it. There might even be something that fills that gap but buyers are not satisfied with it and would pay you to help them out with your solution. It need not be directly about the product either. It could be, for example, about the superior customer service you provide.

These are the 2 ways you’re in a contest constantly.

People are not usually generally surfing the web anymore.

They either have a goal destination, such as a social media site or section of it. Or they’re purposefully looking for something specific, such as a branded product, type of product, or information to help them out or clarify something they’re concerned with.

Take the make money online niche as an example.

There are plenty of people still looking for ways to make lots of money fast and easy. So they’ll buy courses, software, done-for-you services – in fact, anything that promises to help them do that. It’s a dream sold by business opportunity marketers.

If anyone has, for instance, such a software spitting out money at the press of a button, they won’t be selling it.

What’s this got to do with you having a list?

You might build a list, or some kind of community group online you can contact regularly. But you see the contest you’re in.

1 If they’re going to read your communications before anybody else’s, you have to:

a) have already pre-qualified them with other information or gifts that show you will be able to help them in the niche.

b) have thereby gained both their trust and a belief in your credibility.

c) have continued this in your initial communications, so they look forward to your next email.

d) follow through with products they need and want. You can do so from your knowledge of the niche and by asking your list.

2 However, there is always a caveat: unlike the business opportunity offers promising success and even giving guarantees of it – by which we should all be millionaires by now – there are no guarantees of success. Here’s why:

a) every business is different because you’re different and because if there were lots of businesses all exactly the same, it’s likely only one would survive in the end. Copycatting somebody else’s business exactly is not really a business model.

b) most people give up quite quickly. Both because of (a) and because they then realize the work they’ll have to do to develop their own business. It just doesn’t seem worth it in terms of time, effort and risk. Remember they wanted quick and easy.

Finally, all this to say it’s important to differentiate your business in some way and then position yourself in that differentiation. So you’re as unique as you can be with a product people in the niche want.