Internet Marketing - Your Follow Up

You get a visitor to your site and they click a link. Whether it’s for a freebie or to make a purchase you need to follow through.

It needs to be easy for the visitor whatever system they then go through. If not, you can easily lose them. One Time Offers, or extra bonus offers, can also have this effect when they simply only want the original offer.

Therefore, having got them to the point of clicking, you don’t want to divert their attention. Keep them focused on making the payment. Then follow up with other offers if you want to.

Get the sale, don’t lose it or endanger it.

When you’re selling through your emails, it’s vital to use a service that can be trusted. Make sure, for example, that your autoresponder provides a thank you page follow up. Another thing is letting subscribers unsubscribe via any email or change their email information.

Testing is also important, so they should give you statistics on emails opened so you can test email subjects.

Basically, you simply need a list and some marketing knowledge to make sales.

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