Internet Marketing ResellerBeing an internet marketing reseller is common in the internet marketing niche itself, and is used in others. This is where you buy another person’s product, such as an ebook or some software, and you are allowed to sell it yourself. However, there are different rights. Basically, they are:

Resell Rights where it’s a straight sell of the product by you, without
changing anything, although sometimes you can put your own name on it

Master Resell Rights where the person who buys from you can go on to sell
the product themselves, although they might not be able to pass on Master
Resell Rights

Private Label Rights where you can change the product, sometimes completely
so it looks like your product

As indicated in this list, there can be variations in any of these. If you go into this area, make sure you check the specific rights for that product. For example, Private Label Rights (PLR) can have the most variations. With these you might be able to re-write completely a PDF, or change radically a piece of software, so you put your stamp on it. But you might not be able to change certain links in it. Or you can change some parts of it but not others.

As a reseller of products with Master Resell Rights, there might or might not be some PLR involved. You could be able to sell on the Master Rights. In addition, for any of the rights, there could be restrictions on selling in paid memberships or giving away in free memberships. Or not giving the product away at all. Another example is not being allowed to package it with other products. In other words, there’s a whole variety of possible allowances and limitations on what you, as the buyer, can do with the product. So, you must read the rights for each individual product.

OK, what are the pros and cons of using reseller rights?

As a buyer of resell products.

1 You don’t have to create your own product. The claim is that as a buyer of PLR products, for instance, you create your own product from it, or just put your name on it and change some of the details. This is fine to an extent as long as they have value to your customer and fit into your own business set up. If not, they can stand out like a sore thumb in your business as patently not yours, or they’re badly created and you’re seen as selling inferior products, and that they’re merely PLR you’re touting. However, if they’re good quality and they’re a good fit as to how you want to use them, they save you a lot of time and effort.

2 Providing they are good quality and relevant to your customers, that is you can sell them, and they’re allowed to be used in membership sites, you can easily set up you’re own residual money maker. When you’re able to find and buy very high quality reseller products, then you can have higher levels to the site as upsells too. The key here is consistency of value as you keep on adding products. To do that, you have to know your niche and what your prospects want and need in it.

3 As a reseller in your niche, you’ll want to put your links to other products or a squeeze page, into the reseller products. Giving it away has always been claimed as a way of it going viral but to do that, it needs to be very valuable so it’s something people will naturally pass on to friends and colleagues. That way you aim to get more and more of your links clicked and sell more products.

4 Being a reseller of Master Rights products can be tricky, as you’re allowing the person who buys from you to also be able to sell it. If she also can sell Master Rights then you can see how it might spread – another reason to keep some of your own links in it while allowing the buyer from you to put some of their links in it too. This gives that seller, in theory, an encouragement to sell it on. But it’s mainly tricky because you’re losing out as the main (or a second level) supplier of the product. If your buyer cannot change it or resell it at all, you become a main source for such products. This is a big advantage as it means you’re selling stuff with some originality, and scarcity.

5 New people are often attracted to being a  reseller. You get the product and often a sales page, download page, squeeze page, and an email sequence. But you do have to be able to change these, even if it’s only putting your name to it. To do that you need an HTML editor, and that’s where people find the problem as they probably haven’t got one and aren’t interested in using one. Then, there’s the uploading it all to their server. Generally, the enthusiasm of an easy and quick way to sell products begins to fade.

However, if you can develop a system of finding valuable products, changing them to your voice and style, uploading them, and get traffic to them, it’s the same principle as having any other online business: convert people to your list, convert them to buyers, and feed them through your funnel.

As seen, with PLR products especially you can have your own products and develop a business with them. Yet, as a  reseller you’re dependent on others and eventually you’d probably want to create your own unique products.