Internet Marketing Mix

An internet marketing mix of traffic methods and sources is best – your prospects are likely to be using more than one place on the web on a regular basis, including one individual using a range of resources online. Yet marketers can still get stuck on the idea of one place or method being key to their traffic. This is similar to being stuck on one or two keywords as somehow the be all and end all of their attempts to rank high with their website.

The fact is your niche or sub-niche will have a certain terrain, like there is geographical terrain, which is marked out by the range of keywords, or individual words, used in your niche. Some will be more important than others but without the context of the whole range of keywords then no connections can be made by the search engines or your prospects.

It’s the same with your traffic methods and sources. A strategic internet marketing mix saves you time, makes your marketing more targeted and effective, and ensures you’re not missing out on your best source of traffic. The context of your whole traffic strategy is knowing who your prospects are and where they can be found online.

Research your competitors in your niche and see what the characteristics are of their prospects and customers. Find out where your customers can be found by searching through forums, blogs, and social media. You can then focus on those specific types of sites and even specific individual sites. Also, see if you can grade them by heaviness and lightness of use by your prospects. For instance, if none are on Twitter, but many use Facebook, obviously one focus is Facebook while Twitter, for you, is a waste of time.

Making assumptions is not the best policy.

Once you’ve done your research, then, how to get from A to B so you have the most extensive internet marketing?

Content is basic to your mix

…to everything. It has to be valuable content for your niche.

This is what your prospects are searching for: information which explains and shows them a way out or over a problem they’re having in the niche. This is especially valuable if they can’t get this information from anyone else except you. Not even from your competition. If you can find a gap your competition is leaving in their information and products, then you’re given an advantage if you fill that gap for your customers.

But then they need to know they can trust you

Lots of claims are made in internet marketing, including special offer opportunities, and at first you’re just another one of those with your product.

You get round this by including your valuable content across the web where you prospects are on various types of website. You also include it in various formats: video, audio, text, PDF, slides and images. You can use the same piece of content presented in these formats but slightly altered.

This is another meaning of a mix, in that people have different ways of learning from you. In addition you can link some of these together to ensure they get an experience for what you have to offer them. Then, when they reach your subscription page or sales page they’ll probably take the next step in their relationship with you.

Don’t forget email marketing

You send them to a sales page but they don’t buy from you. You then offer them a related free gift on your squeeze page to join your list. This is less of a challenge for them, and a percentage will do so. You then provide more evidence of your credibility and trustworthiness. You give more valuable content in your emails, and links to your other content online. Once you’ve done that, send them to the sales page. A percentage will buy it. And a percentage of those will buy your second product.

Should you use ads?

You could use ads of different kinds on your site. You’ll see sites with a lot. Those who like your content and find it useful will click through to the seller’s site, or yours if your using this method for your products. However, if you’re sending them off to a company you’re an affiliate for, you need to be minded that you might lose them to that business. Of course, you might have lost them anyway if they leave you so easily.

If you do use ads you need to choose your affiliate companies with care and only provide visitors with valuable offers.Ask yourself if you could provide a similar product, if not now then maybe as you develop. Keep track of how it’s affecting the use of your site. Ultimately you want your prospects’ focus on your site, list and products. Your relationship with them is key for that.

Once you have enough content on your site, and enough traffic, you can refer them to other good quality places for information in order to help them, and help them to fill out their knowledge beyond your information. In other words, you’re using links strategically to ensure you don’t lose those visitors completely. Really, as long as they’re engaging with your business in some way, no matter how long they’re on your list, they might buy from you at any time.