Internet Marketing - How Cheap Can You Do ItCheap internet marketing is possible to do when you start off. You do not even need tens of dollars. I have written about trying to do it all for free, when really nothing is free. It is possible, though, to use some free tools which you can upgrade from when you’re making enough money. You still need to pay for some things. Mostly, you’ll pay with your time and energy. By energy I don’t only mean using up energy to achieve what you want to, but with having to have patience because of slowness of pace, and dealing with frustration when things go wrong.

Cheap does not mean cheap in quality for product, service or tone. Your products still have to be valuable for your visitors and customers. Your service is best when focused on the needs of your customers and subscribers – it’s also best for your bottom line. Related to that, cheap does not mean having a poor attitude towards anyone who comes into contact with your business. You should be rooting your business operation in your values which you clarified for yourself before you started in business. Remain true to those values no matter what tries to knock you off course, including having to deal with cheap methods.

A free autoresponder

Unless you’re going to focus on other sites, such as FaceBook, in building your list, and trust and credibility with people on your list, then you need an autoresponder to communicate with them through email campaigns. Two which are free at the time of writing, until you reach a certain number of subscribers, and even then ares till cheap, are MailChimp and Imlac. The best paid ones are Aweber and GetResponse at about $20 or less a month at this point in time. Aweber, at present, is $1, and GetResponse free, the first month. The important thing is they all let you send out regular emails to your list and through them you can start building your list straight away. You can also use autoresponders to deliver courses. However, think long term: there can be problems with a free service later on and you put your list at risk – so pay for an autoresponder if you can.

Free hosting

Once, free hosting would definitely be something to avoid. They always had ads on them, and they could suddenly disappear or shut down your site. As with everything, do your own research but here are a couple of examples: Byethost and 000WebHost. They are both well established, safe, reliable and free from ads. Hostica is also said to be good, at $1 per month for one domain. A more expensive host but very popular is HostGator, and cheap. Again, unless you’re using another type of site for your content, you need hosting to have your own website or blog.

Cheap domains

Always buy your domain separate from your hosting. If one goes down at least you still have the other available to you. All domains a quite cheap unless you want something out of the ordinary. NameCheap iks one I’ve found reliable

Creating content

For creating ebooks you can use OpenOffice. It’s free. It allows you to make various types of documents including text ones. The text creator is more or less the same as Word. Having written your ebook, you can then change it into a PDF with a couple of clicks. If you’re creating audio, your computer probably has tools on it to do that. Or you can use the free tool Audacity to record and edit. There are sites where you can record your voice and some might let you record longer sessions. Make sure you write yourself a script or outline for one.

For video, again your computer will probably let you record yourself on camera through the computer. Cell phone cameras are so good, and will probably improve, so you can record perfectly acceptable videos anywhere, any time. For slide videos, there are sites easily found through an online search. Some might help you with the creation of the slides on-site, or you can use your computer’s tool. Create a script first to make sure you’ve covered what you need to. All content is communication with potential or actual customers.

If you want to outsource any of the tasks, you could try Fiverr or Goferr. You’ll need to try a few people to see who is good for what you want. But it’s still cheap. Always control the content yourself. For example, you could get someone to set up an ebook for you but only you provide all the actual text. In any case, this is so easy in OpenOffice, it hardly seems worth it with this type of product.

There are plenty of cheap resources online if you are prepared to put in the work yourself and learn to use them effectively to achieve your initial aims.

There are basic provisos with the above.

1 It is not the best way to go if you can afford some good paid services from the start. Think more of investing in the development of your business rather than trying to do everything for nothing.

2 Focus on growing and scaling your business over gaining a quick profit. There’s more money in the longer run.