Internet Marketing - Caught In The Middle

Are you caught in between the 2 key factors in your online business?

Factors, without which you business will not work?

Actually, the real problem isĀ  people either have one or the other – but not both.

You need both.

You need both of these to have an online business that works:

1 a product

2 a list of subscribers

Some will spend weeks or months creating a product, forgetting about having a targeted audience to sell it to.

Others will build a big (sometimes, very big) list, with nothing to sell to them. As a key business factor, the list is useless.

If you’re in this hole or gap, you need to get out of it.

First, products. Notice the plural. You have to have at least one product that’s useful in your niche, either your own or an affiliate product or a resell product. The point is you have to have one.

If you know your niche well enough aim to produce or have a new product on a regular basis. If you don’t have enough niche knowledge then gaining that should be your priority.

Once you know enough, then aim to position your business in a unique or original way in the niche. There has to be a reason people will buy from you rather than another niche marketer.

Second, at the same time you do the above in terms of having products, or once you have one product, start building your list.

Your list should consist of those people in your niche, or specific niche topic, who are desperate for the help you can provide.

In other words, they are targeted leads for your product.

However, don’t try to have your email marketing as only and purely a selling system.

You must help people first, and throughout your campaigns for your products. That way you build, and continue to do so, trust and credibility in your business and your products.

Finally, the two are tied together. If your products are valuable to your email market, people in your list will buy from you.

When they find the products useful and helpful, they’ll look to you for more. You need both: products and a list.