Internet Marketing - A Big Picture Of Being SystematicYou do have an internet marketing system when you start your online business, it’s just that you might not realize it. Your whole business organization will be that system. You may have set something up yourself, seeing what other marketers are doing, or you may have bought into someone else’s step by step system, presuming you’ll get the same results.

Your whole business internet marketing system will be made up of smaller systems for the different parts of it. For example, you’ll probably have one for each of: getting leads, converting those leads to subscribers and then to customers, converting them to multiple buyers through your first sales funnel, and converting them to move on to other funnels. Now, all of this will depend upon what strategy you’ve got in place.

Your internet marketing system then fits your strategy because the business exists to achieve that strategy’s goals or aims. The business is the strategy in action. Unfortunately, many people do not have a strategy, or have an unclear one. It’s no wonder there are so many failed or failing online businesses, because they have no clarity of direction.

So, what’s your strategy and internet marketing system? Here are some ideas on how they need to relate to each other.

First, have a strategy

Of course, your business must make money, otherwise it’s not a business. But your financial strategy is just part of the overall one. Why did you start the business? What is your aim for it? You might see yourself continuing with it as long as you can because you enjoy the topic so much. In fact, you’d work on it even if you didn’t make any money from it because you enjoy it so much. Or, you might want to build the business to a certain financial level, together with the continuous number of leads and subscribers, and then sell it. Or, you might simply make a certain amount of regular money from it and then automate and outsource everything, and step away from it as far as you can.

Think of the timing. Different strategies will have different timings in their related internet marketing system. Continuing with it as long as you can means timings are not all that important, although you’ll have some for getting specific areas set up, like a decent size email list.

If your exit strategy is to sell up as fast as you can, then you need plans that will accelerate the business forward more aggressively together with making it as valuable as possible before you sell it.

Keeping the business but stepping away from it entails having as efficient and effective systems as possible, so that you can just let it run without your interference or pay someone else to oversee it.

So, how your business fits into your whole life, and what you want to do with it and how you want to act on it, affects the internet marketing systems you’ll have in order to carry out the necessary actions.

Second, think of the set up of your systems in the business as a whole internet marketing system

Think of them, and the processes as part of them, as projects. In this sense, aren’t you really a project manager? Each system set up is a project, where you work out the sequence of doing things to achieve its creation. For instance, in the development of your business, are you going to start your list before you have created products? Or the other way round?

The first way means you’ll have no offer to make in your emails. The second way means you’ll be creating products without knowing exactly what the people on your list want from you. These are different ways of starting and growing your business, until you have systems for both email marketing and product creation. Obviously, it’s best if these work in harmony together.

Third, track and test

Thinking of systems set up as projects means tracking how they are working, and testing different ways to organize them and fit them into your whole internet marketing system. If it’s lead generation, for example, you’ll need some decent results before you can make decisions. If it’s how you create products, you can see for yourself at first hand how you’re doing this and what’s working best for you: it’s much easier to adjust this, and try out new methods, as you’re in total control of it. In both cases it’ll take a period of time to see what are the best processes for you and your business.

Fourth, you could just start doing something

You’d ignore any large or detailed strategy. You have an idea of what you think might work as a viable business and simply start taking actions to get it going.

Many big businesses started this way without a well-planned path ahead of them. For example, Hewlett Packard and Toyota. The founders only knew that they wanted to start a business but weren’t sure what to sell. So they experimented with different products. What they did begin with was have a clear set of values and purposes which did not alter during their development. It’s possible that your business as an internet marketing system could grow depending on your experiences and how you respond to them. However, once you’re on a successful line of action, you’ll start to develop your business strategy too.