internet marketing - 4 ways to learn itLearning marketing on the internet can take a long time. This might not be what you want to hear. Imagine learning about anything from scratch. Try writing down all the main areas of online marketing. You’ll probably get some of them. Now try writing down the details of those areas. How do they fit together? How are they organized? How do you use them to make money in an online  business?

It’s because of such questions that people are actually seeking a coach who can give answers and guide them through to the best way to do things. Yet there is a lot you can do  without having a coach or before having one. If you did decide to have a coach at some point, then if you’ve done some learning yourself already, you have a better base to work from. Plus you can make the connections they’re telling you about.

There are several ways to do this learning. It will be mostly the basics as no-one is going to give away such valuable information that they can charge a high price for, except when it’s a lead into subscription to their list or into a paid product. The usual advice is to learn about one thing at a time, such as email marketing. There are two points to be aware of about this attitude.

One is that it does help you to keep concentration over a period of time. But as different elements are inter-linked , it’s easy to miss any important connections.

Second, different people give different advice. In addition to which, each online business is different, and each marketer works differently. It’s important to keep differences in mind and decide which views you prefer, or which ones work for you, as you gain more knowledge.


Use the best ones you can find. Discover who are the authorities for different elements on each forum. For instance, some members will be more respected for email marketing and others for solo ad marketing. While it will save time to follow those, never do so uncritically. In fact, as you discover more about someone’s opinions and methods, you might decide they’re not for you personally. Also, others on the forum may have fair and genuine criticisms to make which it’s always worth taking note of.

Find the most popular threads and you’ll find what people are most interested in, and are seeking information about. You often get ideas presented which are revealing about what goes on, about the topic. On a strong thread and between threads on the same or related topic, make connections about what actions to take and the methods to use to take those actions. Always keep the big picture in mind: how does the information on one topic fit into the whole marketing and money-making process? For example, there might be lots of information on writing articles and using them to gain subscribers. But you might have to work out yourself how that could fit into your own marketing.


Many free ezines provide key information. They might do this right in the newsletter or give links to their own or another’s content. In your own niche there are probably ezines dealing with the use of  marketing in selling your niche’s products. Quality ezines are bound to give this type of information because they want to be both credible and trustworthy to you. They also want to help you understand about making sales in your niche. They do this in order to lead on to offering you their own or affiliate products. The more quality products you buy, too, the more you will learn. Even if you buy nothing, you’ll continue to receive more good information. Of course, it’s best to avoid those ezines that send you one offer after another, and nothing else.


Find the authority blogs, or those you feel an affinity with, in your market or sub-niche of some kind. Drop those you think are not unique or original enough, or those you feel are misleading. Generally, blogs will deal with new niche ideas and newsy items about the niche. Some can present the results of their own experiments as they go along. There can be a blurring of the lines in these cases, such as how to get your site to number one in Google. These methods are usually short term and can even do you harm as search engines work out what people are doing. They can also be out of date: a blogger can be sharing results of something they’re working on which they think is really hot information. Unfortunately, they haven’t kept up to date themselves and things have moved on. It looks great and detailed stuff but it’s been overtaken by events. This is especially true with search engine marketing and social marketing.


If you want to know how to actually do some action or process, it’s easiest to watch someone doing it on video. For example, setting up a WordPress site manually or through hosting hardly seems worth creating an ebook about since there are lots of places to get that same information, as demonstrated on YouTube. As with the blogs, and other places for information, it’s when you get into more detailed, or non-demonstration, stuff, you have to be more careful. Still, there’s a mass of information to be gained there, and on other video sites, if you’re willing to sift through, and constantly make connections as to what to do with it.

These are some pointers to get you started while you build up your big picture of it, including its use in your niche.