HowTo Create FreebiesYou can buy products to give away, such as those with Private Label Rights or Giveaway rights. The PLR is best because you can re-do it so it contains your style, and voice if it’s written or spoken. Other rights might not let you change anything, so it will seem different to other content and products people have had from you. You could explain that.

However, since you’re spending time changing PLR stuff or explaining how the freebie is not really your product, you may as well create your own. This way way it’s a direct follow on from other material they’ve had from you. It shows consistency. Remember how you want to keep people’s sense of trust in you and your credibility.

Allow time for creating your freebies as part your product creation time. When you create a new product, including it’s sales page and related emails, and maybe other content, also make a freebie from it.

It need not be in the same format. For example, if your new product is text based, you could make an audio of some of the material or a video presentation.

You want to give enough information related to the main product to generate and maintain people’s interest, while they feel compelled to find out more about the topic. Your emails follow up on this, and then make the offer with the more detailed information. For instance, the freebie could be a cheat sheet on how to do something, giving the main ideas, but they need the main product to carry it through in more detail and with other actions as well.

Use your freebies:

1 On your opt in pages in return for subscribers’ emails.

2 As gifts to your subscribers in your email sequences.

3 As bonuses to other freebies or paid products or for actions taken.

4 As one-click immediate downloads from your website.

5 As materials in a free membership.

6 As a package of freebies on one niche topic or a range of niche topics.

You might be thinking that’s all fine but how do I create them?

First, in terms of timing, I’ve already explained about including freebie making as part of your product creation. If you don’t allow time for this to be done, it won’t get done, and you’ll be scrabbling around tying to do it fast when you need something to give away. That is, do it strategically in relation to what you’re already doing.

Second, if you’re already creating content regularly, you can:
a) develop a piece of content so it’s a bigger free product. For instance, expand an article or post with more detail.
b) take a few pieces of content on the same topic and meld them together to make a coherent freebie.

Third, list the key ideas from your main product. Make a short paragraph or section on each idea. You can put links to other content of yours. This could be a sizeable ebook or one hour audio, or an email course, for example.

Fourth, brainstorm a list of as many topics as you can in your niche. Then, under each one list 3-5 more details or ideas about each topic. You then make one of more of:

an outline
an instagram
a slide presentation
a video of a slide presentation
an audio as a short lesson/training or explanation
a short email course

Finally, any of the ideas or methods I’ve mentioned are inter-relatable, and could be used in combination with each other. You’re only limited by your imagination.