When you send people to your opt in page you want to able to offer them something of value in your niche for signing up to your list.

On top of that you also want to enable yourself to capture some of the value, in profits, from doing that.

Here are 4 ideas.

1 Whatever product you’re promoting to your list first, extract a portion of it and give it away as a taster, a tease to tempt them into buying, and as proof that you can offer useful products, whether free or paid. It also develops your credibility with your new subscriber.

For example, when you have a course made up of several parts, give away the first part, or a section of that first part. If it’s a written course, send them the first part as a gift. When it’s in video or audio format, give them the first video or audio in the series. You can then follow up in your emails promoting the complete course. These are targeted prospects for the course as they signed up to get the first part of it. If they like that, they’ll definitely consider buying the rest.

2 Whether a one-off product or a course or a membership, create an outline of the main ideas, functions and benefits of it. This can a be a short report, or use screen capture to show actions and information available, or give them a mind map of it. Use whatever format fits best the outline itself, the product, and your niche. For example, if you’re in a practical niche such as baking, give them a video or videos of you baking popular cakes, and you could add a text download with your recipe for them to use it immediately themselves.

When they have their own success with it, they will want more from you.

3 In order to demonstrate and prove what benefits they can get from your product or business, and as an example of how they can use them in their own online lives or business, present them with a story account of how you have overcome problems in the niche.

The key here is to still provide useful information they can pick up and use themselves straight away. Get a list of problems people face in your niche. In your freebie, tell them how you have overcome and solved those problems. Include what benefits you have gained from doing that.

For example, you may have started off in the baking niche wanting to continue enjoying eating baked food but without putting on a lot of weight or to stay at a healthy weight. Go through the main problems you encountered and the solutions you found and/or had to devise yourself. Give practical examples of what you did, so they can follow them. If they find it works for them, they’ll want the rest of your information.

4 Choose a dominant and common niche problem. Give them the basics of how to solve that problem. You need not give them every detail, but enough to ensure if they take action they will see an effect. You could ask them to contact you with their successes. If they contact you saying it doesn’t work for them, ask them to explain and send more information to help them out. Put the URL of your product sales page in the signature section of your email. This means you’re building a relationship with subscribers. Not all will like you or what you do, for one reason or another. Concentrate on those who do.

Notice the keys:

– Your freebie is a part of or related directly to your product

It gives subscribers something they can work on themselves immediately to see some success if they do the work

– It provides trust and credibility

It develops relationships with them

– It provides awareness and knowledge of your product, pre-selling for when you promote it