How To Build A Mailing ListThe Fundamentals of List Building

The most valuable and profitable actions you can take in your online business is to know how to build a mailing list and to build it. Make this your top priority in starting and developing your online business.

Here are the fundamentals on how to do it.

The key action is to get your visitor’s email address, which you then add to your list of email addresses. They’re not just going to give you their address in a casual way: they must have a vital reason, for them, to do so. That is, you want them to voluntarily opt in to your list and know that you will be sending them follow up emails. You want them to agree to the follow ups.

Usually, you provide something valuable to them and preferably something you would, or maybe do, sell. Popular ones are free software, free doable information that they can use right off the bat, a trial of a membership site, or a free regular niche newsletter giving ideas and plans.

Ok…they give you their email address. Now most autoresponders will then send them an email asking them to click a link to confirm they do indeed want to opt in. Once they confirm, you send an automatic email with a link to their freebie. You now have a subscriber who has agreed to be on your list and therefore to receive further emails from you.

Keep your records of each subscriber. Your autoresponder service may do all of the following. If not, keep a record of that information yourself. So, for each subscriber, record when they joined, what the freebie was, their name, and maybe their business name if they have one.

The more information you have on each subscriber the better. You can use it to work out how significant that list is for what value you can gain from it.

You can see if it’s an old email address and what service is being used. The freebie lets you know the subscriber’s interest. Their names allow you to give your emails a personalization for each subscriber.

You can see that in an online business as things online become more and more complicated and intense, having your own personal market in your own lists gives you a targeted advantage.

More On Getting People To Join your List

That is, how to read and consider your opt in page, and then take the action you want of giving their email address.

This is the most significant part of list building. Yet you can find all sorts of stuff said about it. Or just ignored. Why? Because you need to be direct, even assertive if need be.

If you have a business, then you need a list to market to in order to generate revenue and profits. Therefore you need to be able to get as much value as you can from your list, while providing the best value you can to your subscribers. So you want as many opt ins as possible, and assertive email sequences.

To achieve this, you need a brief and to the point opt in page, with a heading that compels the visitor’s attention. Then a few bullet points making it clear precisely what the freebie is if the join your list. Make that freebie so valuable to them that they at least feel the need to have a look at it.

You don’t need any additions to your opt in page. No wandering story, or details about email campaigns.

More On Why You Need An Opt In Page

Having an opt in form on a normal website page is likely to have only a few percentages of sign ups. While a well focused opt in page can be over a 50% sign up.

You might think, well, you’re doing OK with your opt in form as it’s placed, and it doesn’t seem worth the bother creating a whole new page. Still, it could be worth a consideration.

It’s all about the fact that visitors do not usually want to decide for themselves. Just as in a shop, if there several varieties of a product, a customer may decide on not buying any of them. It makes life easier not to decide.

A visitor can get confused if you have an opt in form on a sales page, or post page or there are lots of testimonials, and so on.

What you want is focus.

Your opt in page has only one choice. It’s a lot simpler for the visitor to make that one and only choice, especially when the freebie is what they want too.