The home based internet marketing business sales letters you’ve seen, I’m sure you’ll know, emphasize how you’ll be free of your boss and the pressure of having a job, there’ll be no commute every day, you can use your time as you want, and you’ll be able to spend more time with your family and friends.

Who wouldn’t want this? Especially when they encourage you to imagine what your new life will be like. Now, this is fine, and a lot of it is true. However, the sales letter is usually selling a one-off system, or part of one, such as software. Or the promise of a whole business, where your provided with website, products, emails to use, hosting and so on.

Building a home based business based on these types of products leaves you vulnerable in several areas.

One is that the company might just flat-out shut down on you, and suddenly. Your business built into their systems means you’re left on the outside with not much to show.

Second, and especially if you buy a whole set up, lots of other people will be using the same materials, including products. In other words, they all look more or less the same to the search engines, as well as anyone who actually looks at the site from Google.

Third, buying a product which just gives you part of a system usually means you have to buy other stuff to have a proper business.

Fourth, you probably aren’t learning much about business building, and even if you are, you probably aren’t making much money.

The point about the above is that it’s not your differentiated individual business. It might be fine if you want to earn a little extra money, and it does that for you. In fact, one of the first questions you want to ask yourself is what kind of business you want.

The simplest home based business is an information one. Because you use your own knowledge and experience in a subject to create information products you sell in your niche. It’s your information, as unique to you as possible, and it’s in a market where people are willing to pay money for it. That is, they want and need your information.

Check out the biggest and most popular markets, such as, health, relationships, internet marketing. The big markets have lots of sub-niches. Choose one of those if you can. Find one where people are desperate for information you already have, and they’re willing to pay for it. It may not be a big sub-niche but almost all the prospects in it will pay you for your information, and you can charge higher prices, so the market does not need to be massive to generate a good income. In fact, if it is genuinely unique information, then you won’t have any competition.

The need for organization

You’ll be working by yourself, so it’s important to be as efficiently and effectively organized as possible. That is, yourself in your daily, weekly, monthly actions, and the way your business is set up.

Before you start, decide on the strategy you will use to achieve your aims. Don’t restrict aims to financial ones but include topics you’ll cover, products you’ll create and in what formats, your number and type of subscribers, and how you’ll help people with difficulties in your niche. It’s by providing solutions to their problems that you make money. Have systems for lead generation, conversion to subscribers, and conversion to customers.

To make this work well enough, and to achieve the business aims, you’ll need to structure your use of time and your actions. Do the last one first, and them fit them into time slots of hours, days, weeks, months, even years if needed.
Develop systems for yourself taking action for generating ideas, keeping learning, creating products, writing email campaigns, and testing and tracking what’s happening in order to keep improving the business. Once you’re making enough money, you can outsource repetitive tasks.

The tools you’ll need

You’ll know there are lots of tools on the market which claim to improve the ease and speed with which you can do certain things. They’re usually presented as bright, shiny necessities you just can’t do without and you will fall behind your competitors if you don’t buy them. Of course, you want to automate as much as you can so you can do other things.

However, at first, do the tasks yourself so you know what’s required. In any case, there are only a couple of tools you really need. One is hosting, where you can also set up a blog in a couple of clicks, as well as use their email system. The other is an autoresponder which will send out emails automatically at times you choose, such as when someone signs up to your list. Basically, that’s it. People tend to think they need this software and that service. But it isn’t another tool you need. What’s more important is the ideas you have, being creative in your marketing and product creation, so you help as many people in your market as possible. That way you also generate more money.

Your products

The emphasis is on “your”. You can sell affiliate products or resell rights products. But they’re not yours, unique to you. You can tailor your own products to what your prospects want and need. Find that out from places such as forums or blogs. Also, set up a survey on or off your website to ask them what they want in a product from you. Once they’re on your list, ask them in emails you send them. As your first product, create the product they most want, maybe improving it as you find out more. This is far better than selling other products which they can probably get elsewhere anyway.


People talk about driving traffic but the best way is to attract traffic. Not only that but targeted traffic: prospects who are looking for a product like yours to solve their niche problem. Attract traffic in two ways. One is through your valuable content that prospects find improves their understanding and shows them how to do things to overcome their difficulty. The other is to place that content where they go online so that you’re putting it in front of them. If your prospects spend their time on FaceBook, put your content on there. But if they never use Twitter, you can ignore that service. You only want targeted traffic as far as possible.

A home based business isn’t quick and easy. On the other hand, it gives you more freedom and independence in your life.