Have A Product To Sell At The StartTaking action yourself and making mistakes is the quickest route to learning what you need to do. If you’re not already, then you will be faced with an overload of information. Partly this comes from lack of focus.

This post is about having an online information business, so if you’re looking for ideas on ecommerce, like having your own store, or setting up a marketing service, this post is not for you.

Think first about what you will sell and how, such asĀ  passing on your expertise in a particular area or taking up niche marketing selling in different niches.

What will you sell?

If you are an expert in something and you want to sell your expertise in it, that’s straightforward. If you either don’t want to sell your expertise or feel you don’t have any at all in anything (hard to believe!), you need to become an expert in something. This simply means knowing more than the people you’re selling to but you do have to have that knowledge and what you sell them has to be genuine. Research forums, websites, ezines, and books to learn what you need to.

You can sell your information in various ways: coaching, PDFs, videos, audios, mind maps, CDs, DVDs and whatever other format you can think of. You can also package it in different ways: coaching online or email, a downloadable home study course or one you post to them, memberships, kindle books, and so on. Once you’ve decided what you’re selling, decide how your business will be organized in terms of its structure and delivery of products.

Subscribers or product creation first?

If you decide to build your list first, you need a freebie to offer subscribers to opt into it by giving their email address. Choose a topic in your niche to create a freebie about. Use sources suggested above, and check your competition, to see what people seem to want in your niche. Create the freebie and set it up in a download system. When someone signs up, they’re sent the email telling them the download page. You can simply set up the offer on a page of your website or blog, or on a separate squeeze page – search for squeeze page templates.

Once on your list, you have no products to offer yet. This is deliberate with this method, as you can now ask your subscribers what they want from you in your first product – get into more detail by communicating with some subscribers and/or use a survey. There are survey services if you can’t put one on your site. Once you’re clear, you can create the product.

Deciding to create a product first involves using the resources mentioned to find out what people want most in your niche. Then, create the product and a sales page. Having done that, start building your list. Your freebie could be an excerpt from your product. You can still double check with subscribers that the product fits their requirements, changing it if you need to. Send people to your sales page through your emails.