Get Your Traffic From Email Marketing

Email is the main way of getting traffic to your sales page in the model I’m giving here for an online¬† business. Many people try to send prospects directly to their sales letter to make the sale of their product. The main reason this makes your selling more difficult is because you’re having to sell to visitors as cold prospects. You can, of course, pre-sell to them with content they might have come from to your sales page, but that means they have very limited knowledge of you as a marketer and are not aware in any depth of what you might offer¬† them. And even if you send them to various places to view your content, they can click away at any time and you’ve probably lost them for good.

It means you can keep in contact, actually communicate, with them over as long a time as possible. They’ve probably signed up to your list at or through your main content center, such as your blog, or been directed to a squeeze page from other content places. At first, prospects are like butterflies going from flower to flower searching for precious nectar, as they go from one piece of content to another. If they find lots of yours you grow in credibility in their eyes and are more likely to get to an opt in page and sign up. The effect is that they have been pre-sold on the possible value of your content for them. You must then follow that through.

The easiest way is with marketing through your email campaigns. You’re having direct and regular communication with them so you’re developing a relationship with them. This enables you to find out what exactly they want from you, which helps you develop products for their wants and needs and so help them in turn. This is the difference to getting cold visitors in front of a sales page and trying to convincingly sell with no prior contact.

Your first emails

When subscribers are first on your list, you need to continue convincing them of your credibility – that is, you are who you say you are and the information you’re giving out really is yours. Also, this is a basis for them trusting you so that they take on board and consider your ideas and suggestions about your niche. You can do his by providing them with more valuable content in your emails themselves and by giving links to more of your content in other places. Other ways are by showing testimonials, giving more valuable free gifts and responding to their questions.

Having done this for several emails, begin to introduce the topic of your entry product. Do this in more detail if your other content shown to them already covers some ideas on it. Then make the offer of the product by giving a link to the sales page. That page will then have to convince them to buy it.

An improvement process

To do this, simply write out a series of emails, an email campaign, in one sitting if you can, to maintain your flow and voice. Check them and set them up in your autoresponder. As soon as they provide their email address on your squeeze page, they start getting these emails.

When you have enough subscribers, start checking the open rates and click thru rates to the sales page. See which ones are getting these and which are not doing so well. Work out an average. Those below average are dropped, or you rewrite to improve them. Once dropped, write others to replace them based on those that are above average, especially with regard to leading to sales. Keep doing this until you have a highly improved email sequence feeding you click throughs and sales on an automatic basis. Get used to doing this for your entry product, then scale up to all the emails related to all your products in your sales funnel.

Use emails to specify products

Some of your emails can be used to ask subscribers what they want in your product, so you change it to fit those wants, not forgetting to include covering the needs of the niche with regard to the product’s topic. Whether using this method or a survey or exchanging emails with people to establish more detail, you make it more likely that they will go to your sales page and buy your product rather than someone else’s. In other words, the traffic is very targeted, just as it’s targeted when you send subscribers to different content of yours. This then helps to lead on to other product engagement and sales.

Email marketing is not simply about either sending your subscribers a few emails they might find interesting or sending profuse offers one after the other. But engaging with them, their wants and needs, strategically in order to further your business aims and solve their niche problems at the same time.