Free Website Traffic

Think about traffic using Alexa. It measures how millions of websites rank in their system. The smaller the ranking number, such as below 100,000, the better it is for getting traffic.

Why should you bother about getting this kind of ranking if you can?

Here are three reasons:

1 The better the ranking, the more it helps you online reputation. Marketers, advertisers and other interested parties, use it as a guide as to how well regarded the site is on the web generally and in its particular niche or neighborhood. The more it seems to have to have substance to it, including free website traffic, then the more authority it has, and the more attractive to new visitors and marketers alike.

Your online reputation is valuable, so the more you can bolster and develop it, the better.

2 It increases a website’s value. This is in two senses. As seen, it increases its value as a place to visit and use.

Second, if your exit strategy is to sell the site once you reach a certain financial point or after fixed amount if time, having a good Alexa ranking means it’s price can be held higher than without the evidence of that ranking.

3 As mentioned, advertisers like a high ranking on Alexa. It means the site has already proven its worth in its niche. This is especially the case if you’ve got a track record of attracting paid or free traffic. This is even more so if you have evidence of using ads on the site over a period of time, and they have proved successful in generating revenue.

OK, how can you improve the Alexa ranking of your site?

Add their toolbar to your browser and widget to your site

This shows you’re taking their statistics seriously, that you’re actually using Alexa as a means of website improvement and development. If you’re a user or customer of a service they’re bound to take more notice of you than if you’re invisible to them. At the time of writing you can also add their widget, and there may be other tools you can add on.

Claim your site there too: make your presence, and your involvement with the site, obvious.

Create quality content

This is the key to attracting traffic, if the content is valuable to your niche. Neither Alexa nor Google will look favorably on a site which has irrelevant or me-too content. Make sure it’s relevant by researching what the people in your niche actually want from you and are actually searching for.

Make sure it’s original, which it might be simply by doing that research and providing information no-one else is giving them that they want. But also, especially in a large and busy niche, put your own personal and unique twist or view on what could just be basic information that your visitors can get anywhere: they have to have reason to be interested in your information rather than someone else’s.

Update your content regularly

Once you have a routine and system of creating and uploading content, then stick to it as best you can. This might be only for a blog you’re running. Or it might be you have various places across the web where you put content, and you have then inter-linked, in order to move free traffic where you want them to go: ultimately to a squeeze page to have them join your list and sales funnel.

Also, edit any older content that needs changing in terms of, for example, the amount of free website traffic it attracts. Or it may be new information is available on the topic or you now take a different view on it. On the other hand, it’s not a good idea to be spending lots of time in this kind of re-creation, as your time is better spent making new content.

Build your backlinks naturally

Paying someone to send you 100s or 1000s of links looks suspicious. Ideally, you want links to be given voluntarily by other quality sites because your content is valuable to their visitors too. In addition, you could always ask good quality sites for a link, after you have joined their mailing list or had content, such as a blog guest post, put on their site. In other words, build some relationship first.

This is also associated with getting quality targeted traffic. You don’t imply want masses of any old traffic. You want people who will want your information, sign up to your list, and go through your sales funnel as a valued customer.

In any case, the Alexa ranking is partly based on the number of visitors you get to your site, always ensuring they fit the criteria above.

Attract traffic with relevant keywords

At the time of writing, the relevance of a page or website to a visitor is very important. Relevant and valuable content is important for this reason.

On top of that, it’s important to do keyword research so you focus on at least one relevant keyword for each piece of content – you could have other less significantly relevant keywords as well which are related to the main keyword. Put the main keyword in the content’s title, and spread it throughout the content. The more relevant your information and keywords in each piece of content, the less your bounce rate should be from your page and site.