Email Marketing - Your BeginningsEmail marketing gives you a target audience for your business and its products. That is, as long as you get targeted traffic to sign up to your list. By being in communication with them it’s easier and more effective to make your offers to them.

There are two ways of looking at this in terms of how you beginning.

The first way is to get subscribers to your list first, and then ask them what products they want to receive from you. Once you know, you create the products and sell them to your subscribers. Your products are already targeted to them, as they asked for them.

The second way is to decide on your products first. Then create your first one or two. Then you begin to get subscribers, and have an email campaign to sell that first product. You can also alter it to improve it once you have responses about it from your list.

When you’ve decide what process to use, think about and take action on the following.

1 It might seem too obvious, but never use SPAM. I presume you want a long term and stable business. You don’t want email services shutting you down. SPAM is sending emails to people who have not given permission to you to send emails them. The best way to avoid charges of spamming is to have subscribers to opt in to your list. Use a double opt in where they have to click a link in an email to agree to receive emails from you. But also ensure that you have an unsubscribe link in each email so they can leave your list when and if they want to.

2 On your website, or on another domain name, have an opt in page. Offer a valuable freebie for them to give you their name and email address. If you have several products, your freebie is related to the product you have set up emails for, to send information about that product’s topic, and to make the offer of it. You’ll have to have a download link on a page on your site so that you send them there when they’ve opted in, so they can download the freebie.

You might have a separate opt in page for each of your products’ freebies. Also, you could have one opt in page for each traffic source you’re using to track where your best traffic is coming from. However, good email services should be able to do this for you instead.

3 The form your subscribers sign up on you get from your email service. They give you the code for it and you just put it into your page where you want the form to appear. As said, once someone signs up, emails you have already set will be sent out using the timing you’ve set them for.

4 Get targeted traffic to your opt in page so you have targeted subscribers and customers. To do that use content on your site that has the keywords for the topic of your product and its freebie on the opt in page. Decide on the main keyword and then 4 or 5 other related keywords. When someone searches for them in the search engines, your content pages are more likely to be ranked enough in the search results for searchers to click your link to your site.

5 Keep your subscribers interested. Do this by emailing them valuable niche topic information. You want to inform and educate so they look forward to your emails. Once they stop doing so, you’ve likely lost them. As well as sending valuable content, launch your freebie related product by raising the problem it solves and then explaining how your product solves that problem. Then send them to your sales page for the product.

You can see how email marketing can be a powerful selling tool focusing on your target market. But it does depend on the building of trust and the development of a long term perspective on your business, so that over time customers become repeat customers, hopefully buying all of your products as you develop them.