Email Marketing To Make More MoneySome people on starting an online business, especially from scratch, often don’t realize the power of marketing by emails. They might think of it as an add on in some way, or there’s a vague sense of having to communicate with subscribers but without a clear reason why they should.

An offline business person might see emails as a way of keeping in touch and sending one out every so often. Someone starting an online business will probably have experienced the opposite, with marketers sending them seemingly endless offers day after day.

These are the opposite extremes of using an autoresponder.

But there’s a very big set of activities in between whereby much more money can be made.

It’s important to point out that the two extreme methods I’ve mentioned both make the same mistake. They both see the subscriber or customer as a mere addition to their list, almost as a number added to it. The online marketer may have several lists for several types of subscriber, while the offline person may just have one list of anybody who signed up.

Neither of them interact with their list, or very little.

They’re missing a number of opportunities to make more money. That is, if they make any money from subscribers converting to customers. I’m referring to long term customers who buy many, if not all, your products.

First, there’s no way subscribers will have any real trust in such businesses. They might like products they’ve seen and even buy one or two. The test is, though, do subscribers go out of their way to learn more or are keen to buy more? Probably not, as they’re both being ignored most of the time and being sold to most of the time. They’re more likely to unsubscribe and go somewhere else.

Second, it takes time to build trust and that building must begin with the first contact. There must be a sense of trust from the start, and then that is developed as more contact is made. Sign ups find emails useful to them, and even solve some problems they had or answered questions they had in their mind.

Third, instead of guessing what such problems and questions are, you can be proactive and ask your list. If they ask you a question in turn, you reply personally. If the issue will be of use to others on your list, you send it to the whole list. You may then get further questions or issues raised from that.

Fourth, in continuing to send them useful information to help them, you refer them to your own or an affiliate related product. This need not be expensive, simply in order to generate money, but a product helpful to your subscribers.

Fifth, the crucial point here is that continuing such a process over time, as subscribers become customers, some of them buy all of your products. Once you have them go through one sales funnel, you switch them to another. And so on. You then make much more money than desperately trying to get them to buy the supposedly hottest product day by day. You have a long term business.

Let’s say you have ten subscribers a day as you send your traffic to your squeeze page. And three of those become customers. As you do this week to week, month to month, your customer numbers increase. A certain percentage of those customers will buy all your products. This happens because you’re email marketing strategically and long term.