Email Marketing - Targeting Your Camapaigns

Using targeting can mean different things. However, here I’m using it to mean sending your emails to specific collections of people or parts of a list who are most likely to take action in terms of what the the email is aiming to achieve. Mostly you’re aiming to sell. So you aim your offer at those who have shown an interest in such an offer or fit the profile of people interested and wanting such offers.

That is, it is not a scatter gun approach.

To do this then, you need to know your product well, and the types of people who would most want to hear about it. You need to see if there is a portion of your list which fits that criteria. If so, you send emails to them.

Let’s say you have 1000 on your list that is targeted. 200 have bought from you not long ago. 100 bought via an offer in your email. Therefore those are your target, and only those.

What usually happens is that marketers send that email to all their list. But you want to contact only those subscribers who will probably buy from you.

You avoid sending emails they don’t want to everyone else. In fact, some of them might unsubscribe.